The Complete Magento 2 SEO Checklist

Document Overview

According to recent reports, Organic Search accounts for 53.3% of all website traffic, and 60% of marketers assert that SEO and blog content bring the highest quality leads source. Due to this significant impact on business performance, players in all industries, particularly in eCommerce, always pay great attention to SEO and see it as a key to winning. And though competitive, SEO is among the top priorities that businesses invest in.

With the purpose of helping eCommerce businesses grow and accelerate sales, SimiCart and BSS Commerce presents all of our beloved customers and visitors with the Complete SEO checklist for Magento 2. This document includes 26 essential SEO practices from On-page and Off-page to Technical SEO so that you wouldn't miss any steps to optimize your site. We hope you can make the most of this e-book and have your money and effort effectively invested in SEO to drive more quality sales.

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