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Ten years building native mobile apps for Magento, we know too well the problems and the needs that you have before, during and after developing a mobile app. Let us help you!

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Deliver the right message to the right people at the right time

In an emotionless online world, winning is all about making connections. One of the most effective way is pushing relevant messages to your customers' personal device.

  • Personalized messages
    Create personalized messages to your customers based on their location, interests, and activities they did in your mobile app
  • Automated push notifications
    Set conditions to trigger notifications based on your customers' actions and characteristics

Help customers to easily find your products

Nothing is worse than offering awesome products but not able to sell just because customers cannot find them. You can avoid that by providing multiple ways for your customers to search for products.

qr scanner
  • Magento QR/Barcode Scanner
    Customers can scan products' QR codes/Barcodes to go directly to product detail page in app
  • Voice Search
    Save your customer's time by not having them type. They can just speak to search for the products that they need
  • Image Search
    Sometimes customers don't know the name of the product that they are looking at. In that case, they can use their phone's camera to scan the product and get its information.

Provide a seamless path to checkout

Increase conversion rates by making the checkout flow as smooth as possible.

checkout fields management
  • Checkout fields management
    Control which fields you want to show during checkout to get rid of unnecessary steps and minimize cart abandonment
  • One-click purchase
    The less steps your customers have to take, the more likely they are to make their purchase
  • A wide range of supported payments
    Offer customers various choices of payment options to choose from.
checkout fields management

Serve users from different countries

Don't let geophical barriers prevent your customers from using your mobile app. Offer languages and currencies that your customers are using and ship products no matter where they are with the help of popular shipping providers.

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  • Multi-language/currency/storeview
    Let users switch to their most familiar language and currency
  • Multiple shipping providers
    Choose from a wide range of shipping providers that you are comfortable with like DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.

Nurture customer experience with great UI/UX design

According to a research by Google, 73% of users will switch from a poorly designed mobile experience to an alternative one that make shopping easier

app themes
  • 3 app themes
    Take full control of your home screen layout with 3 choices of themes. Moreover, each theme is flexible enough to be configured as multiple sub-theme designs.
  • Design service available
    Based on your business description and ideas, our experienced designers will deliver beautiful and interactive prototypes that are ready to be turned into functional mobile apps.
app themes

Get customers to download your mobile app

Before you want customers to use your app to shop and purchase, they need to know such an app exists! Don't worry, we've got you covered.

app promotion
  • Let your app be found on Google search
    Your app will show on Google search results where customers can download it directly
  • Smart Banner on mobile site
    Encourage customers to download your app when they access your mobile site
  • Ready-to-use mobile app promotion assets
    Use our ready-made assets to promote your app on multiple channels without much effort.
Pricing Plans
iOS & Android apps
Magento 2.x (CE & EE)
Basic app features
3 homepage layout styles
Native checkout
All offline payments supported
PayPal Express
Shipping carriers: UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL
Free app publish on Google Play & App Store
3-month support via tickets
Full features
Everything in   STANDARD +
All app features
Voice Search
Image Search
Native QR Code/Barcode Scanner
App analytics
Chat function via webview
Full service
Everything in  PROFESSIONAL +
All payment methods supported
All shipping methods supported
All chat integrations supported
App source code
App prototype design service
Dedicated Project Manager
12-month support via tickets & live chat

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your apps ready-made or do you develop everything from scratch?

    We have a standard base which is a fully working app with basic functions and from there we will customize and add more functions based on your requirements.

  • Do your apps automatically work with the current extensions installed on my site?

    Our apps will automatically work with most of your backend extensions. For extensions that modify or interact with the frontend, we will need to do some customization on our apps for them to work.

  • Which Magento versions do your apps support?

    Our apps support Magento 2.x (including the latest 2.4.3) of Magento Open Source (previously Magento Community) and Magento Commerce (previously Magento Enterprise).

  • Which programming languages are you using to build your apps?

    We are using ReactNative to build our iOS and Android apps.

  • I want to do some customization. How much will it cost?

    We do provide customization service. The cost will be estimated based on your requirements. Please contact us to request any customization.

  • Will you help me publish the app?

    Yes, we will help publish your app to app stores for free.

  • Is the app source code included?

    Yes, source code for iOS and Android app is available in all packages.

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