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Keep Your Customers, and Your Sales, Healthy

Health & Beauty shoppers make the most repetitive online purchases from that one brand they trust. Let that brand be yours by building an engaging shopping experience.

Boost retention rate and drive crazy sales with these exclusive features

With Health and Beauty shoppers, trust is the number one element when they make the decision to purchase online. Customers will keep coming back to you as long as they trust you.

24protein web app
Product subscription
Repetitive purchases is what drive sales like crazy. Encourage your customers to do so by enabling product subscription.
Custom product attributes
Custom product variations require custom product attributes, which are essential when matching products to customer needs
Allow customers to easily connect with you
Provide multiple ways for customers to contact your store anytime, anywhere via different channels like phone call, live chat, Whatsapp, etc.
Shop by brand
Allow customers to shop for products from the brands they trust
24protein web app

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