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Multi-Vendor Made Easy With SimiCart

Build an Amazon-like marketplace using our tried-and-true multi-vendor solution

Marketplace websites and mobile apps work perfect together

Your sellers and customers expect a consistent experience across multiple channels, especially when they are on-the-go. Level up your marketplace by building both multi-vendor website and mobile app.

marketplace web app

Features for Admin

As a marketplace owner you have every features needed to manage your vendors, all in a single Magento backend.

  • Manage vendors
  • Create vendor groups
  • Create vendor attributes
  • Create flexible commission rules
  • Manage vendor credits
Manage all vendors from a single Magento backend
marketplace admin
Group vendors with similar characteristics to assign different benefits and permissions
manage vendor groups
Create custom vendor attributes to use in registration form and vendor profiles
manage vendor attributes
Create multiple commission rules and apply it for a single vendor, a vendor group, a category, or a product.
flexible commission
Manage individual vendor credit accounts and all credit transactions in a single place
manage transactions

Features for Vendors

Your vendors have a separate dashboard to manage their own store, where they have full control of their own products, sales, shipments and credits.

  • Individual vendor backend
  • Individual vendor frontend
  • Sub-accounts management
  • Product management
  • Order management
Each vendor has their own dashboard to track their profits and manage their own vendor frontend
vendor dashboard
Each vendor can customize their own frontend to fit their branding
seller homepage
Each vendor account may have their own sub-accounts as a parent-child relationship
sub account
Manage their own products and inventory
manage products
Manage orders, invoices and credit memos
manage orders

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