Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for Magento

Transform your mobile webstore into a fast and engaging PWA to deliver the best shopping experience on the move

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The cost-effective solution to create exceptional PWA experience on the web in no time

Our PWAs offer a great opportunity to improve customer experience sooner and drive faster return on investment

Fast time to market and maximize value

Working perfectly with Magento platform, SimiCart can seamlessly convert your website into a fully functional PWA, ready to go live in just a week. By launching your high-performing PWA to the market fast, you can therefore expect immediate improvement on revenue.

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Reduce development cost

We eliminate the need to build your PWA from scratch and reduces the cost associated with developing seperate apps for multiple devices.

Real-time updates

SimiCart PWA allows any updates to reflect on your live site in real time, so you always stay ahead of the competition with leading technology.


Our experience of solving SEO issues for 50+ PWA cases allows us to best optimized your PWA for ranking and impression on search engines.

Explore all benefits of SimiCart PWAs for your business

With significantly improved performance and usability, our PWAs promise to drive customer engagement and sales conversion in your webstore

Work fast and reliably across network conditions

Allow mobile users to complete their desired task quickly and efficiently

  • Instant page load: Upgrade your mobile site into a PWA can improve its loading speed up to 3 times faster
  • Offline mode: Enhanced with offline usability, PWAs can work regardless of network state to provide a reliable experience on the go
  • Simplified checkout: Offer the fastest checkout experience with a PWA to maximize sales conversion for your webstore
Case Study Success
Case Study Success

App-like look & feel

Boost your webstore with app-like experience that customers have come to expect

  • Full-screen: The ability to run in full-screen mode, hiding the top URL bar and bottom navigation of the browser
  • Add to home screen: PWAs can be saved as an icon on the home screen for quick access, much like an installed app
  • Mobile-first Interface: PWAs bring truly mobile-first interface to the web, which looks and feels like a natural app on the device to drive maximum results

Packed with a suite of advanced ecommerce features

SimiCart PWAs are built on a feature-rich platfrom to enhance shopping experience with more powerful functionalitites. Our platform offer a wide range of ecommerce features to power a high-converting PWA that allows you to take full control of the mobile experience at every step of the customer journey.

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Reward & Coupon Store Locator Push Notification Payments Instant Contact App Analytics

Full source code available on demand

SimiCart PWAs are made available for development. As a developer, you can get access to the full source code, quickly connect it to any Magento store and embrace its core capabilities. Our platform makes it easy for any developer to gain expertise and build high-quality PWA storefront in no time.

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Still not sure? Our FAQs might help


  • What editions of Magento is SimiCart compatible with?

    SimiCart is compatible with Magento Open Source (previously Magento Community) 1.4.x - 1.5.x - 1.6.x - 1.7.x - 1.8.x - 1.9.x - 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.x - 2.3.x and Magento Commerce (previously Magento Enterprise) 1.1x - 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.x - 2.3.x

  • What versions of Android and iOS does SimiCart support?

    For Android, SimiCart supports version 4.4 and above. For iOS, SimiCart supports version 9 and above.

  • Does SimiCart a mobile web, native or hybrid app?

    We develop all of those. For hybrid app, please contact us for more details.

  • Do you have a free trial?

    No, we do not offer free trial at the moment. We do offer free demos though, which you can request here.


  • Do you have any ready-made demos for mobile app?

    Yes, we do! We offer general demos of full-feature app. You can download our demo apps on iTunes & Google Play.

  • Which languages does SimiCart support?

    SimiCart supports all languages, including right-to-left languages.

  • What are the differences between SimiCart and other providers?

    We have a complete comparison document which you can download at this page.

  • Which payment methods/gateways does SimiCart support?

    By default, our app support a wide range of 10+ different popular payment methods. You can explore the full list of supported payment gateways by clicking the "View all features" button.

  • Can I make some changes with existing features?

    Yes, if you have any specific requirements with SimiCart features to make them exactly fit your business, you can ask for our Customization service. We will study on it and give back to you the most ideal solution.


  • Is SimiCart a one-time purchase or is it subscription-based?

    We offer both one-time payment and yearly payment options.

  • I want to do some customization, how much will it cost?

    We do provide customization service. The cost will be varied depending on your requirements. Please contact us here to request any customization.

  • Do I need to pay for my upgrade or support annually?

    With yearly subscription, you have free upgrade and support for the time of your subscription period. For one-time payment, you have free support for 3 months and options to have longer support period with a certain fee.

  • What is your policy for refund or cancelling?

    You can cancel or downgrade once you have reached the term of your agreement. All User subscriptions shall automatically renew for additional periods equal to the expiring subscription term or one month. Customers must provide written notice of cancellation or reduction at least 7 days before their contract auto-renewal date for us at

Install & Publish

  • After purchasing SimiCart, how do I start using it?

    After you purchase SimiCart, our support team will contact you to ask for some information as well as your requirements to build the app. We help create app, integrate it with your website and send you a complete app to test.

  • Do you offer Installation service? How much does it cost?

    We offer free installation service for yearly subscription. With one-time payment, the installation service costs $100.

  • Can I test my apps before publication?

    Yes, you can always test your apps as many times as you want before publishing them to the app store.

  • Can I ask SimiCart to publish the app for me?

    Yes, we will help publish your app to app stores under SimiCart's account for free. Otherwise, you can publish app under your own account.

  • How long will it take Apple and Google to approve my app?

    It usually takes Apple 5 days and Google 3 days to approve an app.

Interested in PWA? Expand the PWA experience to larger screen to maximize results

Desktop PWA Development Service

PWAs are not exclusively for the mobile web. To maximize its impact on your bottom line, we continue to scale up the immersive PWA experience from mobile to support desktop screen. SimiCart PWAs now solve for an end-to-end customer experience across all screen sizes to optimize overall performance for your Magento store.

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