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Implement a headless Progressive Web App (PWA) storefront for your Magento website to deliver the best shopping experience on the move

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These brands trusted SimiCart to implement their headless PWA storefront

the body shop

We are listed by Google as a qualified PWA development agency

SimiCart is the first solution for Magento to be listed by Google as a qualified agency to build optimized and mobile friendly web apps

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Mobile-first approach
Focus where most of your customers are and also follow Google mobile-first indexing update
Latest technology
Always up-to-date with the latest versions: Magento 2.4.x & PWA Studio v11.0.0
A-to-Z services
From business consultation to Magento migration & maintenance, we take care of the whole process from start to finish.

Key features

With significantly improved performance and usability, our PWAs promise to drive customer engagement and sales conversion in your webstore

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Responsive frontend
Your site is responsive across phone, tablet and desktop screen sizes
Add icon to home screen
Prompt users to add your website’s icon to their mobile home screen, just like a native mobile app
Lightning fast
Speed means conversions. Google reports up to +110% in conversions after setting up PWA front
Great app-like UX
Smooth transitions, granular loading - truly app-like experience right in the browser
Push notification
Get into the pocket of your customers and message relevant CTAs right to their screen
SEO boost
Prioritized in Google search due to speed and UX
No download needed
Unlike native app, PWA doesn’t need to be downloaded and installed
Work even when offline
Allow customers to browse their favourite products even while staying offline
benecos pwa

Effortlessly drag and drop your PWA pages

A revolutionary page builder tool for Magento PWA Studio

Tapita Page Builder
Simply drag and drop page elements to build your desired layout or choose from our various pre-built templates.
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Easy preview & publish
  • Instant changes
  • Ready-made templates

Deeply integrated with Magento

tech stack

SimiCart PWA is built on Magento PWA Studio using headless commerce model, ReactJS & GraphQL. With SimiCart's tech geeks, we have optimized and made it completely flexible and scalable for any businesses. As a developer, you can get access to the full source code, quickly connect it to any Magento store and embrace its core capabilities.

tech stack

We are working with our partners to develop Magento 2 PWA extensions

Want to collaborate with us to make your extensions
PWA-Studio-compatible? Register now

As regular Magento extensions do not work with a PWA frontend out-of-the-box, we are putting our effort into making existing extensions on the market to be compatible with PWA, specifically PWA Studio, by building open-source add-on modules that act as a compatibility layer for the extensions and Magento PWA frontend.

This helps PWA storefront implementation to be more cost-effective and is also our contribution to the Magento community.

All add-on modules are open-source and available on GitHub.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is PWA just a really fast Magento theme?

    No. PWA is quite different from a traditional Magento theme. SimiCart PWA, for example, is developed as a headless frontend solution that runs on a complex system of its own, which is completely independent of Magento. Besides the benefit of speed, PWA provides your site with features such as push notifications, add to home screen, app-like appearance, and offline capabilities. For a more detailed explanation, you can read our article: Comparing Magento Theme to PWA Storefront

  • What's the difference between PWA and mobile app?

    Take Instagram as an example, mobile app is the Instagram app you download and install from App Store/Google Play, while PWA is the website that you access from your browser (yes it's a PWA). For a more detailed explanation, you can read our article: Progressive Web App (PWA) vs Native App: Which Suits You Better?

  • Do PWA only work on mobile?

    No, our PWA works on both desktop and mobile. Basically your whole website will be PWA-powered.

  • This is a Magento extension that helps speed up my website, correct?

    Our PWA will speed up your website, although that's not the only thing it does. It is NOT a Magento extension, but a headless storefront to replace your current frontend.

  • I want to do some customization. How much will it cost?

    We do provide customization service. The cost will be estimated based on your requirements. Please contact us to request any customization.

  • Does your PWA support multi-stores/languages?

    Yes, our PWA supports multi-stores and multi-languages.

  • Does it automatically work with the current extensions installed on my site?

    Our PWA will automatically work with most of your backend extensions. For extensions that modify or interact with the frontend, we will need to do some customization on our PWA for them to work.

  • Can I preserve the current theme on my Magento site? Does your PWA provide a new layout that replaces my current theme?

    Technically the PWA will replace your current theme with a new storefront, however we can make that storefront to look exactly like your current frontend, while trying to preserve the backend configurability.

  • Is PWA still a pre-mature technology? Is it too risky for me to invest in PWA at this time?

    PWA technology is now stable enough to be widely-adopted by brands of all sizes. It has especially proven success in eCommerce field, with amazing statistics.

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