Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for Magento

Combining the power of mobile app and the reach of website, our Magento PWA is proven
to drive conversions on the web and boost your bottom line.

SimiCart is proud to be the first provider of PWAs for Magento

"As 2017 draws to a close, we encourage commerce leaders to make sure that Progressive Web Apps are
on your 2018 Magento roadmap and start planning for a migration from your current Responsive site to
Progressive Web Apps next year."

Peter Sheldon

Vice President of Strategy, Magento Commerce

An early adopter of PWA, AliExpress has driven amazing
results since making the migration:

  • 104% shift in conversion rate
  • 2X more pages visited per session
  • 74% increase in time spent per session

Understand the need to provide the best experience on Magento site

As Magento's Technology Partner, we empower merchants to make this migration with our powerful PWAs:

Delivering up to 3x faster experience

53% of visitors are dropping off means you are losing half of your traffic if your mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load. Our Magento PWA focus on loading instantly and respond quickly to user interaction with smooth transition, giving users a 3x faster experience to minimize traffic lost.

Work across all browsers & devices

PWAs enable universal access for all users regardless of their browser choices. They just need to navigate to any browser and access your site instantly on their mobile devices. PWAs offer the same user experience across any platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, or whatever is next.

One-tap Checkout Process

The average mobile site has seen a distressing 97% cart abandonment rate, but not with SimiCart. Our PWAs promise to fight cart abandonment with the fastest checkout experience. By using the previous checkout details, users are taken right to the order confirmation screen with only one tap.

Eliminate the hassle of app stores

No need to submit to app store, you can have your Progressive Web App go live as soon as you want. And your customers can simply add your PWA to the home screen for more convenient access - without having to install it from the app store.

App-like UI&UX

PWAs maximize conversion for mobile sites by deliv- ering app-level experience in a stunning interface. Working like a native app on the device, PWA can be rich with advanced features like push notification to keep mobile customers engaged within your site.

Ability to work offline

Progressive Web Apps are capable of working reliably without dependence on the network condition. Even with offline or low quality connection like 3G, PWAs provide the best on-the-go shopping experience for today's customers.

Maximize mobile traffic

Progressive Web Apps can be discovered through search engines like Google, providing greater online visibility for your business. Plus, its sharable content allows users to spread your app and handily access it from anywhere that supports URL.

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