Progressive Web Apps

Combining the best of the web and the best of apps
We are proud to be the first provider of Progressive Web Apps for Magento!

No install required

No need to download and install like native
apps, Progressive Web Apps allows users to
simply add apps they find most useful to
their home screen without the hassle of
app store.
progressive web apps install
progressive web apps builder

Fits on any device

Progressive Web Apps offer the best
in user experience that works
seamlessly across any platforms: iOs,
Android, Windows, or whatever is

SEO Capability

Progressive Web Apps can be
discovered through search engines like
Google, providing greater online
visibility for your business.
progressive web apps seo
progressive web apps benefits

Work offline

Progressive Web Apps are capable
of delivering content while offline or on
low-quality networks like 3G thanks to
Service Workers Technology.

App-like experience

Progressive Web Apps look and feel just
like a native app, combining the best in
browser and smart phone technology.
progressive web apps ios
progressive web apps features

No publish

No more days of waiting and finally
getting rejected from app stores, PWAs
go live as soon as you want, meaning
your new app can be accessed instantly
from any device.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Technology

AMP Technology provides mobile pages with
near-instant loading time, giving users a smooth,
more engaging experience with your app.
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Leverage your mobile strategy with a Progressive Web App