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Revolutionize Shopping with SimiCart Scan & Go Solution

The next generation of retail is here! Let your customers scan items with their phone, bag as they shop and pay in-app. No long checkout queues, no hassles. Just convenient shopping.

How Scan & Go works?

Using Scan & Go is super easy, even for the least technical customers

  • step 1
    Step 1
    Customers login to Scan&Go app and scan the items' barcode/QR code
  • step 2
    Step 2
    Pay in-app using their saved payment methods
  • step 3
    Step 3
    Skip the checkout queue and just show the order code to the cashier to complete their purchase

Why use Scan & Go for your store?

Smarter, faster, contactless shopping

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  • Faster checkout process
    Avoid long lines at checkout and remove customers' frustration, hence increase conversion rates and average order value
  • More orders, more sales
    Faster checkout means more orders can be placed at a time, which leads to more sales
  • Reduce support effort
    The more tasks customers can do by themselves, the less support they will need from your staff
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Scan & Go features highlight

  • Auto-synced Product Catalog
    All product data from your Magento site will be synchronized with the app in real time, so the scanned product information is always up-to-date
  • QR/Barcode Scanner
    All smartphones have camera and internet access nowadays, which means everyone can use their mobile to shop at your store
  • Store Locator
    Customers can easily find and get direction to the nearest stores
  • All payment & shipping methods supported
    All payment & shipping methods on your Magento site will work on the app
  • Work across devices
    SimiCart Scan & Go is browser-based, so it is not dependent on operating system. Any device can access and use it. (PWA version only)
  • No download needed
    Scan & Go not only saves customers' valuable time but also saves their mobile memory space by not requiring them to download. (PWA version only)

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