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Everything you need to
boost sales with a desired mobile shopping app

SimiCart can help create a great consumer experience on mobile app,
which is the strongest driver to customers' loyalty.

  • Native App

    At SimiCart you have a comprehensive solution to create a native app downloadable on app stores. Native app perform best at loading speed, smooth interaction and function with ease

  • Localization

    Your app could be displayed at any language or currency. Customers can choose their familiar language or currency when shopping on app

  • App design

    You can dress up your app with 3 options of beautiful theme. The smart and modern layout streamlines information and help customers navigate on app easily

  • YouTube integration

    SimiCart Product Video feature allows you to show your products with lively and vivid videos on app. Then you will see your customers stay longer on app, share on social channels, or purchase at no time

  • Wishlist

    By allowing customers to add their favorite products for later purchase or sharing with other people, you have moved a big step in raising customers' interest

  • Instant Contact

    Customers want to make a call, send a message or email your store for more information about products. They can do it instantly by tapping a button. Instant Contact can help

  • Product label

    Attractive labels like "Hot" or "New" could make some products really stand out and customers easily notifify. As a result, they catch customers' attention effortlessly and they have no choice but starting purchased it

Magento mobile app feature

With SimiCart you have a powerful app
to deepen customers' engagement with your business.

Magento mobile app plugins
  • App promotion

    As customers is moving into mobile, an mobile shopping app helps your business acquire new customers and increase interaction with current customers. SimiCart not only helps you create an app but promote it to many customers.

  • Push notifications

    You can send unlimited automatic and personalized notifications to your customers. Make the notifications attrative with beautiful images and it will call your customers to take action immediately.

  • QR Barcode scanner

    It takes your customers just 1 second to scan QR or Bar code and find their desired product. Cool!

  • Store Locator

    Your customers will be able to locate and get directions to the nearest store. They can view store's information and contact your store at no time.

Rewarding customers with discount code in some special occasions?
You can do it on website as well as on your app.
Let's prolong your list of loyal customers with amazing coupon code!

  • Reward Point

    Rewarding customers is a must-have for any business. You can have many customers return to your business by allowing them saving points for the next purchase on your app.

  • Coupon code

    Rewarding customers with discount code in some special occasions? You can do it on website as well as on your app. Let's prolong your list of loyal customers with amazing coupon code!

Magento ipad app features

Builing a mobile shopping app that can rocket
conversion rate is your desire and obviously, our mandate.

    • Payment

      You can created an app that is fully integrated with many popular payment method. Your customers can make purchase via safe and secure payment gateways that they feel familiar and trusted.

  • Checkout Information Management

    Your customers can easily checkout as guest, existing or new customers. When experiencing quick & smooth checkout process, they will no longer abandon any carts.

  • Address Auto Fill

    Customers don't need typing to fill in address. Just one touch and it will be automatically filled in. The checkout process has never been so easy.

  • App Analytics

    To figure out how to improve conversion rate, you need to understand customers' behavior through detailed report on app downloads, conversion rate, time on site,... App Analytics can help you track app performance and customers' insight. SimiCart currently provides app analytics solutions on Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Firebase.