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45+ Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales in 2021 (Categorized)

Look no further for the best Shopify apps to increase sales and guarantee growth, we’ve got you covered. From increasing impressions and engagement to building customer’s trust, these best-approved apps will help your business grow radically.   

Find the sales’ aspects ticking you off in the table of contents and explore what apps can assist you. Otherwise, you could simply scroll through the article to find out many helpful Shopify apps. We bet there are some features you have not thought of. 

Best Shopify apps to increase customer engagement

Keeping your customers’ engagement to your sites is the very first challenge. If you can not attract and convince them about your product’s amazing features, they’re not gonna buy it. Shopify’s beautifully designed theme has partially done the job. But tons of changes can be made to make your site stand out in the competitive eCommerce markets. 

1. PushOwl Web Notification – ⭐ 5.0 (1800+)


Frequent visitors are most likely to pay. PushOwl empowers web push notifications that bring customers back to your sites. From flash-sales updates to back-in-stock news, customers will engage with your site on a daily basis. It also recovers abandoned carts, motivating people to continue their unfinished buyer’s journey. 

Furthermore, the app’s advanced features allow you to build a highly converted web-push campaign. Firstly, segmentation enables personalised campaigns, thus, delivering captivating content to different clients’ groups. Also, its smart delivery feature sends notifications when people are active. Plus, all procedures from sending web push to custom report are fully automated. 

With seamless integrations to many top-rated Shopify apps, you can increase sales dramatically without unwanted troubles. 

The app offers an attractive free plan with an unlimited subscription, basic automation and reports. You can upgrade to the business plan at $19/mo.

2. Spinwheel Popup – ⭐ 5.0 (140+)

Spinwheel Shopify

Everybody loves games and discounts. Thus, Spinwheel encourages customers to play games for discounts and coupons in exchange for email addresses. There are many games and variations for you to choose from:  lucky wheel, prize wheel, etc. All games and popups are customizable to deliver your brand’ mood and feelings. 

Also, an exit intent popup appears when a customer intends to leave your site. This encourages users to come back and spend money on your store in the near future.

Plus, because we all make faster decisions under time pressure, the apps include a clock timer. This clock will constantly remind users of the discount validation dates. 

Spinwheel has four plans: Free, starter ($9.99), premium ($19.99), business ($29.99).

3. Recart FB Messenger Marketing – ⭐ 4.8 (4800+)

Recart Shopify app

Promotional emails can be lost among others and never get read. Therefore, Recart FB Messenger Marketing believes that using messenger push notifications is more effective. 

The app allows you to send welcome notes, discounts, review requests, shipping info, personal discounts, VIP messages and more. You can send it with photos, GIFs for more engaging content. 

Not just automatically sending a messenger’s note, it helps you do it easily. Drag & drop UI, ready-made chat flow, A/B-testing will help you get better leads in no time. 

Recart’s price starts from 29$ with all features and unlimited subscribers. They have many plans fitting all business sizes. Their growth plan guarantees an attractive number of an 8X increase in ROI. 

4. Automizely: Email and Popup – ⭐ 4.9 (3700+)

automizely sales app

Automizely is an all-in-one app for leads generation, sales increase and conversion optimization. Let’s skim through its comprehensive and attractive features:

  • exit-intent popup, cart-recovery popup, email popup, FOMO popup
  • web pushes notifications
  • announcement bar
  • free shipping bar
  • countdown timer
  • emails newsletters, welcome email, abandoned cart email, follow-up email
  • Facebook chat widgets

The app claims to be the best Shopify free app. In fact, their free plan is pretty amazing with 300 contacts, all popup features and conversion tools. The other plans are basic ($11), essentials ($25), and Pro ($95). 

5. Product Quiz & popup marketing – ⭐ 4.8 (120+)

Product Quiz Shopify app

This unique app creates quiz popups to collect opt-in answers from customers in exchange for discounts. Then it will show a precise, personalised list of recommended products. Users can choose products from the list and use the add-to-cart button from the pop-up to buy immediately. These smart features will help increase sales and AOV at the same time.

Meanwhile, all collected data can be used to understand your customer better. More personalised email marketing campaigns & better-targeted ads ensure growth and revenue.

Other helpful features include SMS push notifications, A/B split testing and advanced analysis for better decisions.

The plan starts from $29 for 500 engagements per month. 

6. Vidjet – Popup videos – ⭐ 5.0 (23+)

Vidget app

This popup video app makes the most out of videos to create amazing customer journeys. You can use it for many cases: testimonials, detailed product introductions, sale announcements, welcoming visitors, thank-you videos and more. 

As a result, customers will have a clear understanding of their products. Also, highly interactive videos will develop better customers’ trust and brand awareness.

As for user experience. Vidjet is easy to use with no coding skills needed. Setup is easy. Plus, it gives you full control over the video: when and where to display, title as well as the ability to add CTA buttons.

The app has four plans for different business sizes. The most popular plan costs $59 a month with up to 50 popup videos available. 

7. Instagram Feed +Stories – ⭐ 4.8 (400+)

Insta Shopify app

This app brings engaging Instagram story feeds and stories to your website. Whatever you can get creative with your Instagram, you can do with your website. This helps you explain your products better, showcase testimonials, announce sales and more. 

The app also encourages visitors to tag your account in exchange for discounts. The win-win solution can increase brand recognition and product awareness tremendously.

Plus, from where to place the stories to their designs, the support team will help you customize them all. All is done manually so you can get the right feel for your app. 

It is free to install with only $4.95/mo for a premium upgrade.

Best Shopify apps to drive conversions 

Your marketing efforts will be fruitless if customers do not click the buy buttons for any reason. The following apps speed up the buyers’ consideration process, decrease cart abandonment and make checkout easy. 

8. Free Shipping Bar  – ⭐ 4.9 (10,000+)

Free Shipping bars app

The Free Shipping Bar offers a free shipping discount if customers reach a certain cart value. It shows progression whenever they add more products & congratulate when their goal is achieved. As 69% of European shoppers will buy more to get a free ship, this app promises great AOV and sales.

Next, you can further customize your targeting strategy to optimize revenue. The apps allow you to choose different shipping for different countries, pages, devices and periods.

You can also change the bar and its background images to fit your brand’s mood and tones or any holiday season vibes. 

Free Shipping Bar offers a free plan with basic features. Their premium plans with unlimited active bars and advanced targeting costs $/9.99mo.

9. Ultimate Sales Boost – ⭐ 4.8 (6900+)

Ultimate Sale boost app

The Ultimate Sales Boost app maximises the urgency element to boost conversion. It offers countdown timers, low stock warnings, sales sticker image labels to urge conversions in minutes. Not only in product pages, but you can also add urgency in collections and the homepage to boost sales in the entire checkout flow.

The app also includes many useful features to guarantee sales such as:

  • BOGO (Buy-one-get-one) checkout
  • Geo-location targeting
  • Trust badge
  • Payment gateway icon on product page
  • Free shipping message on product page

As for price, it has a free plan with five basic features. Businesses can upgrade for the basic plan at 9.99$/mo and the professional plan at $29.99.

10. GET SALE Bulk Discount Manager – ⭐ 4.7 (140+)

The app helps you master bulk discounts, daily deals and flash sales at ease. You can schedule sales, apply discounts on certain products and set various discount rules.

bulk discount app

GET SALE is compatible with all currency converters and Shopify Payments multi-currency. Plus, discounted prices will be synced across all sales channels namely POS, Google Shopping, so on to create a unified customer experience.

What’s more? Its developers offer a 30-day cash back delivery if you are not happy with this app for any reason. 

This tool has four plans ranging from free to $29.99/mo.

11. Pop! Sales Pop & Social Proof – ⭐ 4.8 (7000+)

popsales app

This app creates an urgent sense of FOMO and builds trust by showing people’s activity in your store. To be more specific, you can choose to:

  • Tell which products are added to carts to prove their popularity
  • Show purchases in real-time
  • Show how many people are visiting your digital store
  • Show how many people have visited your store recently

If your new store needs to gain a sense of reliability, this tool is perfect for you. While being beginner-friendly, it has an open API. The tech-savvy can take this advantage and create your powerful custom app.

SalesPop provides 4 plans (Free, Growth 2K- $29/mo, Growth 10k – $79/mo, Growth 50k – $199/mo)

12. Buy Me – Buy button – ⭐ 4.8 (800+)

As the name explains itself, the app embeds Buy buttons on every desired place on your site to make checking out even faster. It also enables a Quick Buy On Product Listing feature allowing no time for second thoughts.

Next, the tool shows all added items on cart previews. Customers, therefore, remember all items in the cart and checkout faster.

Buy Me button Shopify app

Besides, Check out its Product Sharable Links for social media, Remember My Cart and analytic tools. These add-on features can help you increase sales too.

This app has four plans with prices ranging from free to 6.95$/mo

13. Shipping rates calculator  – ⭐5.0 (320+)

Shopping rate app

The Shipping rates calculator gives customers access to shipping prices right in the shopping cart. Buyers do not need to process many checkout steps to see the overall prices. According to Invesp, 22% of customers abandon their cart because of unclear shipping costs. Thus, putting the shipping costs upfront is an effective practice to combat cart abandonment.

After detecting your customer’s location, it queries shipping apps and display rate options. The app is fully compatible with multi-currency, Canada Post, USPS, UPS & FedEx. Plus, it can integrate with other third-party shipping apps as well. The only condition is that those apps are integrated with the Shopify API as a Carrier Service.

This app costs 6.99$/mo.

14. Globo Pre-order – Pre-order NOW – ⭐4.6 (400+)

preoder app

Has your customer ever failed to make a payment because it’s out-of-stock? This app prevents the unwanted scenario from happening. Now, whenever a product runs out, buyers can:

  • Pre-order
  • Click the “Notify me” button to know when products are back in stock
  • Make full or partial payment for pre-ordered items.

After a pre-order/ notify me is made, Globo Preorder will send a confirmation email, back-in-stock notification, payment reminder. All are automatic and effortless.

It offers two plans: free and 9.90$/mo

15. OptiMonk –  – ⭐ 4.8 (397+)

Optimonk Shopify app

OptiMonk is another powerful popup tool to increase leads & conversion.

For popup, the app brings about:

  • 300+ beautiful customizable drag & drop templates 
  • All popup types: full screens, side messages, sticky bar, gamified, free shipping, etc
  • Various popups for different purposes: discount upsell, product recommendations, getting subscriptions.

The best thing is that the app goes far to deliver personalized experiences. Store owners can target different groups of visitors based on location and where they’ve clicked. Then with the help of Dynamic Text Replacement, you can send different messages to each respective segment. Also, the app shows previously viewed products of customers to encourage them to purchase.

You can also integrate Optimonk with Recart and other top-notch apps for a full-scale conversion boost.

Their plan starts at 29$/mo. They also offer an attractive free plan with unlimited popups and full integrations. 

16. Tido – Livechat & Chatbot – ⭐ 4.8 (1200+)

Tido live chat app

Live chat helps us really communicate with customers, understand their needs and solve their problems instantly. And of course, satisfied customers are willing to pay faster and pay more. Tido makes live chat and other means of communication easy. 

You can personally chat with your customer. You can also utilize previously-made flows to save time and boost sales efficiently. And when you are not able to do it, AI can lend a helping hand.

Plus, emails, Messengers and the site’s live chat are all easily monitored in one panel. The fear of missing out on customer’s requests will be long gone.

The chat is easier to use with lots of customizations options available. What’s more, the chatbot can speak multiple languages for international stores.

Tido has three pricing options starting from free to $249/mo.

Best Shopify apps to build customer’s trust and loyalty

Gaining new leads is a short-time game. But building trust and loyalty are the long-run conversion drivers. Get your Shopify brand trusted and grow frequent customers with these amazing apps:

17. Best Shopify apps for product reviews

It’s true. The more 5-star reviews you get, the more orders coming. Nothing is more convincing than buyers’ actual experience. Thus, no matter what your business is, you should install a product review app for your Shopify store. 

We have covered the 7 best product review apps for Shopify from affordable to pricey. Check out our dedicated article to find the best one for your store.

18. Gameball: Loyalty & Rewards – ⭐ 4.8 (70+)

Gameball loyalty app Shopify

Gameball hooks visitors with its game-like features. They can complete buying challenges to collect badges, refer friends & earn rewards. Their UI is beautiful and clever to make it even more enjoyable. 

What Gameball can do in detail:

  • Cashback program
  • Set user-centred missions and storewide challenges
  • Signup rewards
  • Two-way referral programs: offer rewards for both the referrals and their friends
  • Offer discounts for specific customer groups
  • Reward badge when customers reach a milestone
  • Web & mobile push notifications
  • Integration with email marketing apps, Shopify POS
  • Special API access is supported by the tech team.

The tool supports 11 languages including English, Mandarin, French and other EU’s languages.

As for price, individuals can install it for free. Meanwhile, higher plans range from $29/mo to $499/mo.

19. Change Commerce ‑ Donation App – ⭐ 4.9 (90+)

Change app

Business is not just about profit-making but also making positive impacts on society. The Change Commerce – Donation App allows customers to join the journey with you. 

You can set different means of giving back. It can be donating a portion of sales, setting different donations for different collections, round-up donations, etc. Customers can choose which non-profit organisation their money will go to. The whole process is made easy with seamless automation & POS integration. 

Also, with Google Analytics integration, you can understand your audience better. Knowing which good causes drive your customers can give a hint for better content marketing. As for metrics, according to Shopping Gives, their app can increase AOV by 28%, Conversion Rate by 19% and cLTV by 18%.

The app is free to install with good-to-go features: the first 20 transactions are free but then you have to pay 0.05% per transaction. The higher plans cost from $285/mo

20. Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals – ⭐ 4.6 (380+)

Shopify loyalty app

The Loyalty Rewards and Referrals offers all common loyalty features:

  • Rewarding points for purchases, sign-ups, site visits, reviews, referrals, birthday, etc
  • Redeem points for discounts, free shipping, vouchers, free products & custom rewards

Yet the best thing is its strong analytic tool, reliability and seamless integration. It can be frictionlessly integrated into all Shopify Plus features, a POS system and other famous tools.

It has an attractive free plan. The plan allows 800 monthly orders, unlimited members and basic features. You can add advanced features from 5$/month. As your business grows, you can opt for a higher plan ranging from $159/mo to $699/mo.

21. Referral candy – ⭐ 4.8 (1500+)

referral candy

Referral candy offers a straightforward & simple referral program everyone loves. Both customers and the referred friends get rewards. These rewards can be percentage discounts, money discounts, cash or custom gifts.

Plus, the app empowers affiliate marketing for you to reward your content creators with flat fees or discounts.

The automatic fraud protections help prevent any potential wrongful acts. And with strong marketing app integration and a tracking dashboard, you can easily manage what’s happening and boost sales effectively. 

It has two plans at 49$/mo and 3999$/mo

22. Ultimate trust badges ⭐ 5.0 (970+)

trust badge Shopify app

Customers are more confident to purchase if they trust the payment security. Thus, this app showcases free badges to inform a secure transaction.

You can easily find hundreds of trust badges that meet your needs: from currencies, banks to credit card providers. Also, you can adjust the badges so it looks right in your store.

The app is lightweight so it won’t hurt your store’s speed. Yet the best point is that it’s all FREE.

Best Shopify apps to upsell & cross-sell

With these apps, your AOV (average order value) will be growing:

23. Unlimited bundle & discount – ⭐ 5.0 (1200+)

bundle discount app

This app is all about setting product bundles and getting more items sold. It requires no coding while being highly customizable. 

You can encourage your customers to:

  • Buy 2 products and get discount
  • Buy more, get more discounts
  • Buy product A, and buy product B by 50$

What’s more? The app allows you to schedule huge events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Also, it has a lock button to prevent ordering while products are not in stock.

As for integration, their team claims that this tool works with all inventory apps & currency converters. 

This tool’s pricing plans start from $13.99/mo.

24. Honeycomb Upsell & Cross-Sell – ⭐ 4.9 (380+)

Honey comb upsell app

With Honeycomb, you will have many chances to upsell. It shows upsell offers on thank you page, cart page, checkout page and blog page, etc. Especially, the one-click-to-charge upsell feature in post-purchase is helpful to get the AOV higher.

Next, A/B split test tells you what works and what does not. Also, AI will lend you a hand to choose the right products to upsell.

The app offers full analytics for you to get ROI, AOV, Revenue metrics in a minute. And it’s integrated with Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics to convert more powerfully.

You can make use of its basic feature for free with the limitation to 100 monthly funnel views. The more pricey plans start from 49.99$/mo. 

25. ‑ Upsell & Cross‑sell – ⭐ 4.9 (420+)

Recom inhabits a strong AI system, thus, upsell & cross-sell easily and smartly.

Its most outstanding Scout feature lets customers like or dislike products. Then the machine will automatically display similar products to what they have liked. 

recom Shopify app
The unique Scout feature

For common upsell functions, Recoms has flexible rules. You can set conditions to upsell based on colour, price, SKU, type, weight and more. All is to offer what your customer wants effectively.

It also has lots of upselling widgets (frequently bought together, top sellers, new arrivals etc), display formats (popup, sliders, etc) to choose from. Finally, you can upsell on any store page.

The app costs $19 + 2.9% of sales it generates a month. There are no bigger plans. And they won’t charge you more than the maximum cost of $519 a month. 

26. ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell – ⭐ 5.0 (2600+)

reconvert upsell app

According to Reconvert, after buying, customers will be most likely to buy more or to accept other requests. Thus, they maximise upselling post-purchase. To be more detailed, on your thank-you page, you can drop & drag plenty of widgets such as:

  • Discount popups
  • Product recommendations upsell & cross-sell
  • Reorder button
  • One-click purchase upsell
  • Post-purchase survey
  • Order tracking
  • Reviews 

Plus, users can customize different thank-you pages for different groups of customers. They are based on specific products, collection, language currency, product types, etc

The tool also gives you full analytics to understand CVR, CTR, etc. And customization is easy as you can choose templates or make your own from scratch.

They have four plans including a free one. The biggest plan costs $29.99/mo.

Best Shopify apps for analytics & tracking

Every business has to go through trials & errors. These tools help you review your past performance effectively, thus, convert more and more every day.

27. Conversific – Profit Analytics – ⭐ 4.7  (110+)

Conversific app

Conversific combines Shopify and Google Analytics data, gives you precious insights to make better decisions. 

The tool provides an industry benchmark with stats on site performance, conversions, revenue and bounce rate. So you can see how your site is performing compared to your competitors.

Also, they collect the most prominent metrics in all business aspects from Sales, Marketing to Net profit, product. All data is well displayed in a user-friendly interface. 

Conversific offers a free plan and three paid plans. The most expensive plan costs $199/mo.

28. Reveal: Customer Data Platform – ⭐ 5.0  (80+)

Reveal puts its effort to help you understand your customers. 

Its Advanced Buying Behavior Segmentation (RFM) lets you define your accurate customer segmentation to focus on. Also, the tool automatically adds new data to your CRM, compares different customer segmentation, analyses their loyalty, & conducts feedback surveys.

Reveal Shopify app

Thus, you can use this data for more personalised marketing campaigns. For example, use your insights for more personalised emails, or create lookalikes for Facebook ads.

Furthermore, the real-time product reports help you find out your best and your worst SKUs. So you can improve your product collections.

The tool is free with basic features. You should upgrade for tailor-made RFM segments, CRM & other advanced analyses. Their Grow plan costs $99/mo.

29. Beprofit – Profit Analytics – ⭐ 4.9  (190+)

beprofit app

Beprofit calculates profit accurately and gives data to track business metrics, lifetime profit & expenses. 

You can overview all your key KPI’s in just one dashboard. The board itself is fully customizable, thus, you can change all your store’s numbers to your liking. 

Next, the app is fully integrated with all popular ad platforms (Facebook, Google, TikTok, Pinterest, etc). Also, you can sync and import other important data (AliExpress, shipping costs, etc). Gather all info in one place so business owners can quickly get what’s going on. 

The app has four plans with the cost ranging from free to $100/mo.

30. Lucky Orange – ⭐ 4.6  (670+)

heatmap Shopify app

Lucky Orange records your customer’s activity on your site. Thus, you will understand what attracts your customer the most & how engaged they are.  Then you can make proper adjustments to make your site even better.

The app is also increasingly helpful to combat abandoned carts. Through live view, you can see what your visitors are struggling with, then make an offer they can not deny via live chat.

The app has a free plan and three paid plans. You have to pay $10 – $20 – $50 monthly depending on your chosen paid plan. 

Best Shopify apps for multi-channel Marketing

Omni-channel gets your store exposed to more customers. Use these best Shopify apps to optimise different marketing channels and increase sales.

31. UpPromote – ⭐ 4.9  (1200+)

UpPromote Shopify app

UpPromote lets you manage your affiliate program efficiently. It takes care of the whole process from start to finish:

  1. Provide registration form for partners
  2. Give affiliate links or coupons for them to promote
  3. Track orders and performance for you to give commissions

UpPromote gives you great flexibility for your affiliate program. You can choose how different commission offers (product commission, auto-tier commission, commission on order values). 

Also, all automation is done effectively. Customers from affiliate links automatically get discounts. Each affiliate partner has his/her own portal for easy management.

Their free plan allows 200 affiliate orders/mo. You can upgrade the program to higher plans starting from $21.99/mo.

32. Feed for Google Shopping  – ⭐ 4.9  (3,000+)

Google Shopping feed app

If you get lots of your customers from Google Shopping, it’s time to optimise this channel. 

This app lets you display all variants in the product feed, which improves CTR & conversion. Plus, you can display promotional banners across your Google feed. This feature can be applied for specific products or all products in bulk. 

Moreover, updating products is made fast and simple. All information (stock status, pricing, title, SKU,..) can be updated within 20 minutes. The app also provides a robust interface and filters to edit attributes in no time. 

This app has four plans with the cheapest one costing $4.99/mo.

33. Shop Instagram Feed & UGC – ⭐ 4.9  (300+)

Shoppable Instagram Shopify app

This app collects your customer’s Instagram photos that mention or hashtag your brand. Then it showcases them in your store. You can curate each photo for a spot-on gallery without disqualified photos and negative content. Once customers are captivated, they can add their favourite items in the photos directly to the cart.

Buyers can also access your site from Instagram photo’s tags. This will help increase traffic and conversion.

Plus, this tool pins your Insta stories above the Insta feed gallery on your website. You can get more engagement from this. It’s also mobile-friendly while working perfectly on any device.

The app has three plans: Free – Starter ($9/mo)- Professional ($49/mo).

Best Shopify apps to advertise effectively

Save every penny of your ad campaigns by making them more effective with the help of these apps.

34. Trackify x Facebook Pixel – ⭐ 4.7  (300+)

Pixel Shopify

This app is seamlessly integrated with Facebook pixel with just one click. Now you can track all custom events in your pixels such as view category, view cart, lead, etc. Plus, the tool helps create precise lookalike audiences based on time, data, niche, collection, date. 

The app has four plans. The cheapest one costs $29.99/mo while the priciest one is $199.99/mo.

35. Clever – Google Ads & Shopping – ⭐ 4.4  (1800+)

Google ad app

Clever will save your time with Google Ads with its full-scale features. 

First, it will put your ads in Google search results, Gmail, and websites. It will help you with keyword research and conduct efficient remarketing campaigns.

Next, Clever optimise your Google Shopping Feed and create Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Plus, the tool also provides you with a pixel to track conversion. 

The free plan generously enables keyword generation, Google Ads pixel, Search, Retargeting and display campaigns. Yet to optimise Google Shopping conversion and get dedicated support, you must upgrade to higher plans.

36. Tracking for Google Ads – ⭐ 4.8  (280+)

Google pixel Shopify app

This app helps you integrate a conversion pixel for your Shopify store. From then, you can track your conversion performance effectively and create a better Google ads strategy. 

Since the new Google ad pixel is hard to implement, this tool can save your life. It promises to get the pixel installed effortlessly and error-freely. 

You have to spend $9.99/mo for this app. 

Best Shopify apps to SEO better

Get your store a higher search engines’ rank and more traffic with these apps.

37. SEO manager – ⭐ 4.7  (1700+)

SEO Shopify app

This tool has more than 20 features that make your SEO life easier. While lots of SEO practices require some coding knowledge, this tool will do the hard work for you.

Feature highlights:

  • Edit titles & meta descriptions
  • SEO issue scans
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Image ALT issues scan
  • Index/No index
  • Google speed integration
  • Google mobile-friendly test
  • Sitemap management
  • Structured data creation

The SEO manager charges you $20/mo with a 7-day trial.

38. Avada SEO: Image Optimizer – ⭐ 4.9  (1099+)

best Shopify app Image optimization

For eCommerce sites with lots of products, uploading photos manually is a hassle. A great image optimizer tool like Avada would make it much easier. It compresses photos automatically & optimizes alt tags to create SEO-friendly photos.

Avada also enables you to set rules to meta descriptions to create them automatically. This will save you tons of time. 

Besides, it can create structured data & HTML sitemap, allow 404 redirects, and a lot of other SEO-helpful features as well.

Avada has a free plan and a pro plan costing $29/mo

Best Shopify apps for efficient Dropshipping

If you are about to start an eCommerce store for your dropship business, you should look up some Shopify dropshipping apps. These apps can cut the cost of operating and help you grow your business smoothly.

We have a dedicated blog for the Best Shopify apps for dropshipping. Check this out to find the best one for your store. 

Best Shopify apps for POD

POD (print-on-demand) is trending right now. And a good Shopify POD app is helpful to deliver a great customer experience and operate fluently.

Here are our 10 best Shopify apps for POD where you may find your favourite POD app. 

Best Shopify mobile app builders

As people shop on mobile more and more, a mobile app helps you deliver a better customer experience and boost sales significantly. Shopify mobile app builders bring all those benefits, without requiring any coding skills. These are the best Shopify mobile app builders out of many. Check this out!

Best Shopify apps for smooth payments

As payment is the very last step before each sale is made, you do not want your customers to drop off at this step. These apps help transactions become easier and more professional.

39. BEST currency converter – ⭐ 4.8  (7800+)

best Shopify app currrency converter

International shoppers will get frustrated if they need to convert currency all the time. This app helps prevent this scenario. As a result, they are gonna pay faster. 

The app supports over 160+ currencies, even bitcoins. They upload the rate twice a day, and you can do it easily with a few clicks. 

This tool has a free plan supporting 5 currencies, whereas the elite plan costs $9.95/mo.

40. Terms & Condition CheckBox – ⭐ 5.0  (290+)

best Shopify app term checkbox

The terms & conditions checkbox protects your brand from customers’ claims when in cases of return, pre-order or chargeback. This easy-to-use app will do the job perfectly.

Some noteworthy features:

  • Customised checkbox
  • Display customers’ consent data in the order details.
  • Used for specific products and countries
  • Multiple links and policies support
  • Buy It Now buttons support

The app starts at $29.99/mo. Otherwise, it offers a pay-as-you-plan with 10¢ per usage.

41. Seal Subscription – ⭐ 4.8  (300+)

best Shopify app subcription

Seal subscription is essential for businesses with subscription payment plans such as gym, food delivery or software. 

The app lets you auto-charge your members on a specific day of the week or month. All transactions are FREE. You can also apply discounts to boost sales.

Meanwhile, its advanced features enable you to customize shopping profiles, automatically swap products & recalculate shipping costs. 

Plus, Seal’s rich feature of inventory forecast, upcoming renewals view will make it easier to manage. 

The tool has four plans from $0 to $50/mo.

42. Order verification by call – ⭐ 5.0  (70+)

best Shopify app COD verification

COD (cash-on-delivery) is still a common means of transaction for eCommerce. Yet it poses a threat of bogus orders and cancellations. This app uses automatic phone calls to make sure each order is legitimate. The order is confirmed based on what customers input (1 to confirm, 2 to deny), then it is placed in your CRM. 

You can also keep track of your COD orders effortlessly in its smart dashboard along with useful analytics.

But here is the best thing. The app is 100% FREE.

43. Invoice Falcon – ⭐ 4.9  (270+)

best invoice Shopify app

With Invoice Falcon, store owners can generate tax compliant PDF invoices, receipts, packing slips in a minute.

Its beautiful templates let you create your desired documents easily with much flexibility. To be more specific, you can customise colours, add logos and links to fit your brand’s image. Also, you can adjust payment terms, order numbers, discounts, etc in your invoices in no time.

When an order is placed, the app will automatically send an invoice email to your customers. Moreover, it has options for business invoicing and wholesale billing including tax validations, tax exemptions, commercial invoices with HS codes. And last but not least, it supports POS integration. 

Invoice Falcon offers a business plan at $15/mo. Otherwise, you can try its limited free option or the basic $9.99/mo.

Newbie tips to find your best Shopify apps to increase sales

All of these apps we recommend are highly rated by Shopify users. Nevertheless, the best Shopify apps are the ones that help your business increase sales in reality. As a beginner, you should invest time in constant trials and errors to find your holy grails.

We have some newbie tips to help this journey a child’s play:

  • Test your apps one by one. Analysing key statistics before and after using the app
  • Take good advantage of the support team
  • Make sure all of your apps are well integrated
  • Do not use too many apps as it will slow down your store. 

That’s it. If you have tried some of our aforementioned apps, tell us what you think. Also, if there are any other apps you would strongly recommend, leave them in the comment. Lots of our eCommerce readers will appreciate your review.

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