We help you build your Magento app AUTOMATICALLY

Many people know about Magestore - one of the top 3 Magento extension providers, but not too many know that SimiCart is one of Magestore's projects. We are very adept at working with Magento and have a high reputation in Magento Community.

When people started talking about mobile apps and went crazy with "Flappy Bird", SimiCart released our first version, which offers Magento merchants the option to build their own shopping apps. Shortly after that, we made the app-building process completely automatic.

Most functions without customization

If you want your apps to have some functions without customization, you should definitely use SimiCart. We provide the most functions for apps with more than 20 plugins that merchants can use to build apps, using just the plugins they choose.

More plugins, please. I'm not full.

Support I haven't experienced anywhere else

We offer 30-day money back guarantee. Besides, our support is free for a lifetime. Once you buy SimiCart, you don't have to worry about extra fee if you have any issues.

I'm not nice. I just hate taking money for nothing

We are young and dedicated

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