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Product Video
Video promotion allows you to showcase your products with lively and vivid videos on your app.

When your business need to express something about a product quickly and memorably, product promotion video is the best way. Product video can create a better lasting impression in the consumer’s mind, leaving the product features to be experienced rather than just explained.

There are many good reasons to include product video feature into your app. Customers are more likely to retain information received through video because it is presented through visual channels. Video promotion captures your product’s best features and unique use cases while entertaining and engaging your app users.

Understand its benefits, Simicart provide your business with video promotion feature, which is easy to use, install and support both Android and IOS. This feature can effectively increase conversion rates by providing a creative and engaging story for your customers.

Plus, videos available on your app make it easier for customers to pass around and tell their peers why they love your product!


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