Better understand your customers. Better push your messages.

Welcome to the age of big data when little sexy numbers make giant impact on all marketing activities.
With Smart Analytics, your marketing campaigns can send targeted messages to the right people at the optimal time based on their activities.

SmartAnalytics - Unlock insights and turn it into actions.

Take an overall look on how the Smart Analytics system can help
you better understand customers and react for more sales

Analysing Behavior

Answering the bugging questions that you may face: How your customer is engaging with your apps and what are the next steps? For example, a product is being viewed in exceptionally great number, the next step? strike when the iron is hot by promoting it on home page or send out customized messages

Measuring Funnel

When your customer buy one product, they may get confused and abandoned cart. Funnel analysis helps you identify where they drop off so you can push special notifications for remarketing

Tracking Retention

Retention reports visualize how often your customers return and engage with your apps. It helps you discover some valuable questions. For example, you could learn how many new mobile users came back after your mobile promotion campaigns.

SmartPush Notification - 360° tools to take action

Get ready to push messages. Smarter, Better, Faster.

Push by Devices

Wonder how to implement customized
campaigns to different device users.
Not a problem!!! You can send messages to
only Android or iOS devices.

Push by Geolocation

It's ideal to approach a specific location to
better server individual local markets.
Your apps would automatically receive a push
notification based on selected locations.

Intelligent Triggers

Choose where to direct customers to right after opening
your notifications. There are 3 available options:
- In-app Product: Direct customers to one selected product.
- In-app Category: Direct them to one specific category
- Website Page: Direct them to one specific URL.

Pushing Automation

Take control of your messages. Pushing automation
allows you to create a targeted series of notifications
that to be sent automatically when being triggered by
below events:
- Your product's price updated
- One new product inserted on your website
- Your customers checkout successfully

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