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Know now to Act now! Instantly update your real time insights.
Uncover the next-best-action and convert more deals on the move
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Simi Sales Assistant provides more so you can do less

Discover hidden patterns behind each sales signal,
automate and prioritize the next question you should answer.
Data to make better decisions
The road from unknown to predictive.
Simi SA helps you to:
  • - Automatically analyze your business data.
  • - Visually create insightful reports and dashboards.
  • - Effortlessly get informed and make business decisions.
Intelligent tools to take actions
Strike while the iron is hot! So no deal is left behind.
Some orders are pending, ones've been canceled, a customer
has just abandoned cart... Don't worry! Simi SA automatically
alerts these sales signals in real time. Start recapturing and
pulling them back with email automation or phone dialer.
*Simi Sales Assistant works only with SimiCart's new platform.

The sales assistant your business need, all in one app

For Sales Representative
Help sales team
to be more productive
For Sales Manager, Store Owner
Help managers to make
data-driven decisions
For Sales Representatives
For Managers
Close more deals on the move
Seamlessly access the Customer Database
anywhere, anytime without dashboard
or CRM system needed.
Customers can be easily searched by name
or email, and you can even segment them
based on location for better insight.
Keep track in real time. Every deal! Every day!
Out-of-the-box visual reporting gives managers the relevant analytics they need to increase their profits.
Switch between store views and tabs easily to
access sales reports of each store.
Show Sales data overview right on the Dashboard page,
including general information about sales, orders, customers
Report on sales details by month,
including total sales value, daily sales value.
Transform insight into action!
Simi SA brings you metrics that go below the surface to give you insights, understand how you can
turn your sales process around and turn that knowledge around to improve your business.

Intelligent business on the go

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