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Carving Out a Niche in the Furniture Business

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At Furniture of America we constantly strive to provide a comprehensive selection of furniture at the most competitive pricing. Our wide collection of bedroom, dining, upholstery, and accent pieces will add luxury and comfort to every room in any home.

Starting with the creation of beautiful, trend-setting textiles and the construction of frames that are built to last, FOA promotes “Made in America” where it can and has established itself as a premier source of US-made upholstery.Furniture of America E-Commerce is a recognized brand on the world wide web and a trusted partner and supplier to all of the top E-Commerce retail websites. 

“Always stay on the leading edge of technology.”

myFOA's Business Goal

As our business exploded with high double-digit growth every year and at times overwhelming product demand, FOA's business goal has always be making the right adjustments to meet the growing demand at just the right time. One of the best decisions we have ever made is to expand our presence to mobile - with a mobile app solution powered by SimiCart.

How myFOA achieve their goal with SimiCart?
Increase Conversion Rate
  • Store Locator
  • Product Management
Grow Customers' Loyalty
  • Instant Contact
  • Push Notification
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My company provided a wide ditribution network all over the country, so we always need to show our customer which store is available for them to pick up their desired products. With Store locator feature, my customers will be able to locate themselves and get directions to the nearest store, as well as view all stores' information and contact us at any time.

Our customers used to have bad experiences with the products’ appearance and feature differences between expectation and real life, that’s why we want to change their awareness towards online shopping. To do this, we make great use of all product management features along with some customized functions to fully provide customer a variety of productv views, deeper information as well as our commitment to our customers.

We have to serve our customers at anytime and anywhere they need. Instant Contact is definitely a great solution as they can instantly make calls, send messages or emails to our store for more products information just by tapping a button.

Aki Furutani
Marketing Director

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