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SomProduct founded year
SomProduct Website
Home Decor Industry
IT products
Location Romania
United Arab Emirates

Shopkees is one of the leading online store for IT and electronics products in Dubai, UAE. The brand has a strong business philosophy that aims to offer the best and top-quality products at all times.

We strive to ensure that all our clients get the best products just the way loved by them. Backed by well established showrooms in UAE & Oman, we have over 15 years of experience in IT trade markets and we make it count in ways that matter to our customers.

Shopkees's Business Goal

With the intent of creating exceptional and rewarding shopping experience for all our clients from wherever they want to shop from, we found a perfect solution with SimiCart to empower our online store across all touchpoints.

How Shopkees achieve their goal with SimiCart?
Increase Conversion Rate
  • Zendesk Chat
  • Custom Payment
Grow Customers' Loyalty
  • Smart banner
Stunning Theme: Standard
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As a customer-first business, we have worked day in and day out to ensure that our customers have seamless online shopping experience. With a significant shift in mobile traffic, we realize the need to improve performance on mobile to match its growing demand. Aiming at creating an excellent, aesthetically appealing, functional and user-friendly customer experience, we needed a reliable platform to help us quickly and efficiently deliver that. That's why we turned to SimiCart for their consumer solution.

We know that the key to improve the quality of shopping is to tailor the experience to unique customer expectation. Our visitors wants quick access to our product offerings and find what they need, research for the best product and price. Meanwhile our paying customers want a more personal and convenient way to shop, keep up with our special sale and promotion. Knowing that the experience matters to our customers, we decided to launch a progressive web app and a native Android & iOS app powered by SimiCart.

With a progressive web app, our web store experience is enhanced with 65% increase in page load speed and a mobile-optimized interface. The improvement has an incredible impact on our mobile site, which has upped the conversion rate to more than 20%. Since the launch of the native app, our customers have been moving to this channel for deeper engagement with our brand. They spend more time in app, buy more often, spend more on each order and return to Shopkees app regularly.

Together our Shopkees apps have provide an impressive and unique experience to convert new customers and keep them returning. We have SimiCart take good care of our apps so we can dedicate our time and efforts to care for the most important people of our business—the customers.

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