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Founded in 2013 by Ronak Sarda, Cover it Up is a mobile accessories platform that strives to carve a niche for ourselves in case cover design and manufacturing. With a wide array of exclusive designs  to cater to ladies and gentlemen across all age groups (from college-going Marvel groupie to the sophisticated office-goer), we have lived up to become a leading online portal that churns out high-quality cases with rich retailed printing for all possible models on a daily basis.

With expectations to keep pace with changing trends and an audience spoilt for choice, Cover it Up is steadily revamping to stand apart amongst an evolving crowd and also have a few wonderful things planned for the near future. 

Cover It Up's Business Goal

As a business people, we are always under the pressure of finding a new and creative strategy to increase the conversion rate, increase sales, build relationship with new customers and strengthen our engagement with old ones. And now in the mobile era, certainly we have found a cure to release this stress - a mobile app solution.

How Cover It Up achieve their goal with SimiCart?
Increase Conversion Rate
  • Instant Contact
  • Facebook Connection
Grow Customers' Loyalty
  • Wishlist
  • Reward Points
Stunning Theme: Zara
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We have to serve our customers at anytime and anywhere they need. This feature is definitely a great solution for they can instantly make calls, send messages or emails to our store for more products information just by tapping a button.

A quick step to login when using app, my customer can even like, share or comment about any products that catch their attention on the most popular social channels. This is a great marketing solution as well as a way to strengthen the relationship with our customers.

To serve our customer the most convenient and useful shopping experience ever, we chose to have the wishlist feature on our app. With this, customers can add their favorite products for later purchase or sharing with other people.

Ronak Sarda

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