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SomProduct founded year
SomProduct Website
Home Decor Industry
Location Romania
United Arab Emirates

Dokan.com cultivated a wide product range including electronic products & accessories, health & beauty, personal products, toys, watches, perfumes, eyewear, jewelry and much more. Our Mission is to bring excellence, passion and creativity as our website offers a unique touch to the shopping experience for online customers. We have distinguished ourselves by offering an amazing collection of new brands, latest fashions and privileged prices.

Dokan is a website that's all about people whether they are our employees, customers or partners. We believe that the success of our company relies upon the exceptional talents and their innovative intellect which further helps in our growing customer base.

Dokan's Business Goal

With our mobile conversion at only 1/3 of desktop, we faced a noticeable drop in online sales as more customers are moving to mobile. To make sure our brand Dokan is fully prepared for the future, an improved mobile experience is a must to close the conversion gap. Aiming at deliver the best shopping experience possible on mobile, we were looking to quickly embrace an effective and adaptable solution to stay competitive. Fortunately we found a platform that aligned perfectly with our existing Magento store. That's when we decided to give SimiCart a try. 


How Dokan achieve their goal with SimiCart?
Increase Conversion Rate
  • Quick Checkout
  • Instant Contact
Grow Customers' Loyalty
  • Push Notification
  • Social Connect
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Knowing that our mobile customers are the most potential value driver, we need to make sure our brand deliver the best possible experience on mobile. Empowered by SimiCart, we were able to cater to unique customer needs by tailoring the mobile experience.
Our visitors on mobile webstore used to suffer from a slow load speed and bloated responsive page. To eliminate such friction, we had SimiCart team turn it into a fast-loading, mobile-first PWA (progressive web app). The PWA resulted in a reduced bounce rate that drives transactions for our mobile store.
Meanwhile, our customers want a more personal and convenient way to engage with Dokan on their mobile devices. We allow them to do that with our native Dokan app. The app proved itself to be the most effective channel to connect with our customers and turn them into our most loyal fans. It enables quick and easy access to our new collections, sale items and other special perks. The results were both immediate and amazing, our app usage keeps growing and drives most of our mobile sales.
Not only has SimiCart presented a perfect solution to our problem, the platform also turned it into a wonderful opportunity to engage and delight our best customers. Since the launch of Dokan apps, our customers become increasingly active on mobile. They come back more often, spend more time, place higher-valued orders and buy more repeatedly. The fact that Dokan customers love our app is proofed by the numbers: our 5-star rated app reached more than 24,000 downloads in App Store. After 9 months, we saw a whopping 45% increase in online sales. And that's the real power of the SimiCart platform!
Sameh Ali Salem
Dokan Company

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