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United Arab Emirates

We are a team from USA and the Middle East who is in love with fitness and bodybuilding, with an experience over 10 years in this industry combined with our technology “geek” features, we created GoSupps.com with a smile to ship your order from our elite temperature-controlled warehouse directly to you United Arab Emirates wherever you are; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman 

Being fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts; we know that nutritional supplements is a cool part of this delightful life style and by that we do know how customers think and what they want, GoSupps.com was built on this experience to provide you with 100% Satisfaction, Grand Products Selection and Great Prices.

Gosupps.com's Business Goal

We target the Middle Eastern markets to provide a great service and great products to great customers who share the fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle with us. That’s why we now ship and dedicatedly serve countries like United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Jordan all with pleasure. Understand what customers need in this mobile first world, we decided to expand our e-store to mobile with a shopping app powered by Simicart. Now we are able to serve our dear customers anytime, anywhere.

HOW Gosupps.com achieves the goal with SimiCart?
Increase Conversion Rate
  • Multi-store
  • Voice Search
Grow Customers' Loyalty
  • Push Notification
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To convert sales better, we have professional team from SimiCart add a "Better results with combos" section under each product in its detail page. In this section we put other related products in the same combo with the main one with suprisingly great prices and add to cart button right below. This product suggestion not only guarantee amazing results for our customers but also increase our cart size and reduce abandonment at the same time. Not long after this customization, we saw a lift up to 42% in our mobile revenue and 27% less cart abandonment.

With a wide distribution system all over United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Jordan, we used to have trouble notifying our customers about our new arrivals, deals and offers as they varies across different stores or locations. Smart Push Notification is the exact solution we need. This powerful tool allows us to push notifications by locations or customers groups. Personalized messaging is a must have for businesses with broad supplying system like ours.

With a mobile app powered by SimiCart, managing different stores at the same time is no longer a problem for Gosupps. Thanks to multi-storeview, we are able to serve our customers all over the Middle East by offering multiple languages and all popular currencies to choose from. 


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Osama Mjalli
Store Owner