QR Barcode Scanner - Monthly

By scanning the Barcode/QR code, your customers could find their desired products within one second.
$5.99 / month
(*) This plugin only works on SimiCart app. You need to purchase SimiCart to get this plugin.


QR codes and barcodes are everywhere in all types of marketing activities today, from in-store displays to packaging to print ads. Take advantage of this m-commerce trend by acquiring QR Barcode Scanner- a SimiCart Plugin -  for your mobile shopping app, to let customers  be directed quickly to product pages for easy viewing.

With QR Barcode Scanner, customers simply hold their mobile device up to frame the code and scan. That will improve your conversion rate, as it’s so convenient for them to find the product they want to buy. No manual search required!

If you are an in-store retailer, QR Barcode Scanner is must-have to integrate your offline and online marketing efforts.

Outstanding Features:

  • Easy to use – just hold mobile device up to frame the code and scan
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Supports IOS and Android
  • Create barcodes and QR codes for an unlimited amount of products
  • Configure barcodes and QR codes for all types of Magento products (simple, configurable, etc)
  • Allow customers to easily scan barcodes using the app and be redirected to a product detail page

Useful Documentations

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