Purchase Customization Service

To enhance how much you benefit from SimiCart, we offer a professional customization service for individual requests.
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Not every mobile app builder can have exactly what your Magento website needs. Thus, in order to enhance your SimiCart experience, we offer professional customization service upon request. As a company with expertise in Magento software, a certified developer team and thousands of customers worldwide, we ensure dedicated, trustworthy services for your business.

What you need to do?

  1. Step 1 :  Send your request to our developer team at support@simicart.com
  2. Step 2 :  Discuss the cost
  3. Step 3 :  Purchase Customization service
  4. Step 4 :  Provide necessary information
  5. Step 5 :  Wait for our customization
  6. Step 6 :  Review our work

Important Notice

  1. - Customization Service is non-refundable.
  2. - If you want to update a customized feature, you will have to pay a fee. It's counted as a renewed customization request. Please contact with our team for exact cost.