Promote app - Monthly

As customers are moving into mobile, an mobile shopping app helps your business acquire new customers and increase interaction with current customers.

SimiCart not only helps you create an app but also promote it to many customers as well.

Free / month
(*) This plugin only works on SimiCart app. You need to purchase SimiCart to get this plugin.


With SimiCart, you will have not only a shopping app solution but also many ways to promote this app to many customers who enter your online web-stores. In the world of mobilization, moving customers to mobile is a good idea to deepen customers' engagement and acquire more and more customers to your business as well.

SimiCart is a complete solution for Magento merchants to build a Magento mobile shopping app for their existing stores. App Promotion is available in every package.

Outstanding features:

  • App Promotion can automatically send emails to your customers. There are 3 transaction emails created for your customers: Register, Subcriber and Purchase order. You are able to customize receivers' name and email or choose these available templates.
  • With App Promotion, creating CMS pages has never been so easy. It takes you only some minutes to upload your own images and set up your own CMS pages. Also, you are able to preview the page before publishing it.
  • App Promotion helps you to view the chart displaying data of app transactions. You can see how many products purchased via Apps and Websites.