30 Mobile App Design Best Practices for eCommerce

Document Overview

We’re in the age of mobile apps where smartphone play an increasingly important role in consumer’s shopping journey. As mobile shopping growth keeps increasing, apps are top of mind for retailers to enhance the overall customer experience and drive business growth.

In this five-chapter guide, we’ll go deep into different aspects of mobile user experience for ecommerce app to help you make customer-focused decisions that improve your app design. The guide provides a view into how users interact with your app in a shopping context while introducing a whole host of pitfalls to watch out for when designing an ecommerce app. Typically there are several usability issues that potentially keep users from completing their desired tasks. These issues are analyzed and refined into 30 principles on how to best design your mobile app for ecommerce. Understanding what makes a great mobile experience is the key to remove friction from the shopping journey and make it easy for your customers to convert.

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