Product Review - Monthly

Product reviews help to build a sense of community, and are considered more credible than any advertising money can buy.
$1.99 / month
(*) This plugin only works on SimiCart app. You need to purchase SimiCart to get this plugin.


Every company advocates their product is the best. But in reality it is the consumer who can decide which product is better by using it. No one can use all the products. This is where the product and services reviews come into play. Indeed, product reviews is an essential part of business's branding and marketing. Furthermore, they help you build trust, a key element to long-term loyalty. Findings show that 70% person consult reviews/ratings before purchasing.

Knowing the strong relationship between reviews and conversions, we, at SimiCart, have developed the Product reviews feature. It will be a powerful tool for your business to make more deal

Outstanding Features:

  • Work with Android, iOS and iPad devices
  • User friendly interface
  • Approve the product review from your backend