Product Labels - monthly

Attractive labels like 'Hot' or 'New' could make your products really stand out and notify the customers easily. As a result, they catch customers' attention effortlessly and they have no choice but starting purchased it.
$5.99 / month
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Conversion rate is the key in every kinds of E-commerce, especially M-commerce. In order to improve the conversion rate of your Magento mobile app, Product Badging is your best choice to improve your Magento mobile app's conversion rate. Product label is the best product badging plugin. It allows you to easily attract your Customers with exciting label images and call-to-action texts on your mobile shopping app.

Outstanding Features

  • Easily configure product label condition (On Sale, New and Custom) for a series of products at the same time
  • Include variables Special Price, Discount Amount,... in label text
  • Adjust labels to fit on different screens
  • Setup Catalog and Product Detail page separately. 
  • Set priorities for each label

For Customers

  • View product labels on the Product Detail and Category pages.
  • Approach outstanding product information 

For Admin

  • Quickly create unlimited labels with exciting label images and call-to-action texts
  • Specify conditions to apply labels 
  • Add label for a particular product right on its Editing Page
  • Utilize special variables and include in label texts 
  • Separate Catalog and Product Detail labels setup
  • Prioritize labels 
  • Configure the duration for labels
  • Select one among nine available positions to show label
  • Disable labels when needed

Useful Documentations

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