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A basic guide to Mobile Commerce for Magento merchants

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Mobile marketing strategy

With the proper method, Mobile Marketing Strategy can be very effective and be able to reach a wide audience. What you need to know is the where and when should you execute your marketing strategy and what do your audiences need.

Mobile marketing strategies should be made with your target audience in mind.

Marketing in Mobile is much more complex than traditional marketing due to the ever-changing nature of technological devices, platforms and trends all around the world; not to mention that all marketing efforts have to prioritize the majority of your target audience, which are the small-screen, limited bandwidth users.

In order to create a credible mobile marketing strategy and leverage the strengths of multiple mobile marketing platforms, mobile marketers must first have a grasp of consumer insight, audience behaviors and actions to then plan a solid mobile marketing strategy, with a different approach to a different target. 

Some mobile devices may only be open to a limited number of advertising channels (a basic cell phone can receive only text, graphics and voice messages); while other devices may have wider options of receiving information (smartphones with mobile Internet access can receive video messages, local search result, or smartphones with Bluetooth connection can get location-based service, GPS messages) and the ability to actively initiate and interact with advertising (scanning 2D barcodes to access associated information, using mobile app to make an order).

Mobile marketing strategies should be suitable for the company and the market.

There are a variety of mobile marketing platforms, each with its own pros and cons. It’s important for mobile marketers to understand which platform is suitable, and how these platforms could either help build brand awareness to new customers or enhance the loyalty of existing customers.

Mobile marketing strategies should be made in a way so as not to impede other traditional marketing methods.

The marketing strategy in mobile should be easy to integrate with other traditional marketing methods. Several companies have used mobile marketing with their newspapers, TV, billboard and radio ads among others. This will effectively help to increase the reception of other marketing strategies without hindering the progress of mobile marketing.

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