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A basic guide to Mobile Commerce for Magento merchants

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Mobile marketing platforms

Mobile marketing plays a significant role in most modern marketing campaigns thanks to the booming of mobile devices. There are several mobile marketing platforms available from SMS messages, banner display ad to mobile site and mobile app. Mobile marketing cannot be thought of as one isolated mobile marketing platform, an effective mobile marketing strategy should link and leverage the strengths of multiple mobile marketing platforms to build brand awareness and connections with the target audience

  • SEO or mobile paid search: Customers searching for information on a smartphone frequently have different actions from those conducting a search on computers.  They search with fewer and shorter keywords, expect fast loading site with concise and easy to scan content. Google also uses these signals for search rankings; mobile-friendly sites tend to rank better in Google search results.
  • Mobile apps for specific platforms iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows: Unlike mobile websites, mobile apps are downloaded from an app store and installed and used on mobile devices, rather than being rendered within a browser. The app’s contents and data can be synchronized with the website, enabling its accessibility of both online and offline. Mobile app gives businesses the advantage of always being visible on customers' device, sending GEO-targeted push notifications and gathering data about customer's preferences and behaviors. Moreover, mobile apps make it easier for marketers to deploy loyalty programs and use mobile payments using a single platform.
  • Mobile browser/mobile app ads: With mass variations of advertising formats including display, video, social, and search both in mobile browser and mobile app, mobile advertising allows marketers to target exactly their potential prospects by narrowing down the geography and demographics. This advantage means that targeted mobile advertising has superior accuracy compared to the usual method of keyword-driven online advertising as desktop and laptop users have the habit of deleting their browser cookies. Mobile advertising especially in-app and video ads is more effective to target and capture audience attention and encouraging interaction without being annoying, while banner ads are easier to ignore and interruptive ads are irritating. According to IDC and AppAnnie, in-app mobile ads are expected to surpass online PC ads revenue by 2017.
  • Targeted texts: SMS (short message service), MMS (multi-media message service) ) in the form of texts, images, videos or audio. Targeted text is one of the most immediate channels available with instant and direct delivery without battling against spam or other email filters, flexible platform (both cell phones and smartphones, iOS and BlackBerry), high open rate - almost every SMS sent is opened and read.
  • 2D barcodes (QR codes, EZ codes, Microsoft TAG): 2D barcode can be put on printed materials, packaging, posters or websites. Upon viewing of barcodes via smartphones, the user will instantly get additional information such as an URL to the product page, promotion programs or app download link.
  • Location-Based Marketing (LBM): Location-based marketing is a direct marketing method that integrates mobile advertising with location-based services, using mobile display ads to geo-target prospects within a certain location. Business owners can show the ads pop up when people are searching for services and products in the local area, and communicate with near-by customers and potential customers through real-time communication. Users can leave their reviews so that their friends can also see, or send mobile invitations to their friends in order to increase revenue. Taking these advantages into consideration, business owners can offer customer rewards for sharing information about the business through location-based mobile networks to boost brand reputation and expand the number of customers you attract and retain over time. Besides targeting the right audience, location-based advertising costs cheaper than digital advertising on desktop computers.

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