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A basic guide to Mobile Commerce for Magento merchants

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Mobile marketing campaign

Mobile marketing is one of the crucial marketing channels to target new audiences and engage exiting customers, but how to set up an effective mobile marketing campaign is the big questions for many mobile marketers, and there are different answers for it: creating dynamic content, reaching right audience, choosing the right ad format, or investing in customer service. The step-by-step guide will help set up and strategize a successful mobile marketing campaign.

Define the objectives and parameters

Like every other marketing campaign, it is crucial that there are established objectives with specific metrics or results for the campaign: increase traffic with 100 new visitors, build brand awareness for a group of 100 consumers, lower customers acquisition cost at $100, generate 100 registrations or distribute 100 coupons.

Then you can think of goals with parameters as the details of the objective. Time and budget are the most important parameters that needs to be included as mobile marketing campaigns lose their effectiveness and cost too much over time.

Figure out the target audience and their behavior

The next step is to identify primary target audience with the understanding of audience insight. This will help tailor approaches and elements of the mobile marketing strategy specifically to this audience. Think about your target audience's haunts and habits, they use which channels and devices, different groups of consumers with different demographic information and different types of mobile device will respond variously to the type of mobile marketing messages they receive.

Choose the proper mobile marketing platform

There are several mobile marketing platforms available: SEO or mobile paid search, Mobile apps for specific platforms iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Mobile browser/mobile app ads, mobile SMS marketing, 2D barcodes (QR codes, EZ codes, Microsoft TAG), Location-Based Marketing (LBM). Mobile marketing campaign should not be  stick with any isolation mobile marketing platform, and the platforms should be suitable with the audience and the objectives.
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Tracking & Attribution

Reporting is one of the most important parts of mobile marketing campaigns, it is the best way to understand which activities are having the most impact, understand the return on investment and it is also the best method to learn and optimize a successful mobile marketing campaign.

There are a lot of metrics that are truly central to the success your mobile campaign, it' recommended to focus on actionable data and customer insight, and addressed in the 2 following metrics:

  • User acquisition: Understand the quantity of new customers, new registers and new customers with their behaviors and analyse which main sources are attracting the majority of traffic.
  • User engagement: Understand return rate, session frequency, session length, time lapsed between sessions, even negative metrics: exit rate, opt-out rates.


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