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Mobile Commerce trends

Today, the number of B2B and B2C buyers who research and buy products via mobile and tablet devices is rapidly increasing and becoming the norm. Here are three global mobile commerce trends which are expected in 2015:

Mobile app revolution

"Apps are increasingly becoming experiences that live across multiple endpoints — from wearables to phones, tablets, and web applications." As this trend proceeds in 2015, offerings that can seamlessly transfer between these states as customers move from one device to the next will have a huge advantage. Many of today's small businesses are eager to build their own branded mobile apps. Thank to mobile app's outstanding features which are different from responsive website and mobile site, now retailers can drive customer engagement and sales.

The Smartphone Credit Card

Mobile payments will move toward an international level of functionality. Just as the magnetic strip revolutionized payment by plastic credit card, NFC and other fast-evolving technologies will facilitate the move to payment using mobile technologies in 2015.

NFC chips inside most new smartphones transmit customer payment and banking data when scanned on a reader. Unlike a credit card, smartphones can include interactive payment processing and other financial services which PayPal president, David Marcus, calls Money 3.0. NFC chips could be placed inside wearable smart technology — also coming of age in 2015. However, tapping a device may not be significantly more convenient than swiping a card.

Mobile marketing will become more personal

Mobile marketing will move from broadcasting for a large mobile user audience to a targeted approach of interested mobile users. Big data will drive it both online and offline, while targeted marketing will have huge benefits for local businesses. Traditional mobile marketing made it difficult for businesses to reach their desired ROI, but things will change with targeted mobile marketing as they are able to cut through all the background noise. Overall, they will attract new and repeat customers to their stores.

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