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A basic guide to Mobile Commerce for Magento merchants

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Advantages of M-Commerce

M-Commerce is a part of E-commerce which allows people to do the transaction through mobile devices. There are already several existing M-Commerce applications and services nowadays that bring many M-commerce advantages to us.

Use Magento mobile shopping apps to improve your sales!

Brands that put all their eggs in one basket are missing out on opportunities. This is something even major online retailers recognize. An example of this is Amazon, a primarily online powerhouse that made the very recent decision to open physical shopping locations—with great success.
Mobile offers a lot of opportunities, both for connecting with new audiences and allowing brands to expand market share as they gain insight on the behavior of consumers.
  • ConvenienceWith just a few clicks on mobile devices, customers can already do shopping, banking, download media files...and more than that. M-commerce also benefits retailers by many of their outstanding features compared with responsive website and mobile site.
  • Global reach: Mobile commerce allows brands to enter markets they’ve never considered before. It’s estimated that two-thirds of the adults in the world will own smartphones by the end of 2018. This large user base offers a lot of potential sales leads for brands.
  • Better data: Mobile commerce provides brands with better consumer data, as it’s part of the entire purchase process. In a traditional retail setting, the consumer comes into the store, makes a purchase, and leaves. Little insight is provided as to why they make the purchase. With mobile commerce, brands can connect with these consumers from the moment of discovery all the way through purchase, giving the brand access to valuable signals of purchase intent.
  • Rapid expansion: Mobile commerce allows brands to avoid market saturation issues by changing their slant and focus to differentiate themselves from competitors. As new markets open and are discovered they provide extensive sales opportunities to brands.
  • PersonalizationEach mobile device is usually dedicated to a specific user so that it is personal. Users can do whatever they want with their handheld devices: modify the wallpaper, change view settings or modify contact information as you send emails or e-payments.
  • Scalability: Through mobile commerce, brands are better able to scale everything from inventory to marketing. For example, they can increase their mobile app marketing when consumer interest spikes and downscale when interest wanes.
  • Targeted timing: Mobile commerce allows brands to reach consumers at the right time, whether they’re browsing for an item in the evening or shopping in a store during a lunch break. Geotracking technology and programmatic advertising help us connect with these consumers in those moments before a purchase decision, increasing the likelihood that the purchase will be completed.

Benefits of mobile commerce to business

Boosting retail activity:

In the context of economic difficulties, eCommerce solution with smartphones and software applications plays an important role in the retail market, creating a close relationship between consumers, retailers and brand merchandise through features, to get the success in both earning high profit and providing great mobile shopping experience.

As a result, Investments in mobile platforms for B2C transactions are defined as strategic investment direction in the future, as indicated in the proportion of investment in mobile platforms accounted for 68% of the investment in research and new technology platforms.

The convenience of electronic payment services on mobile:

19% of people surveyed knew about the payment services on mobile, 10% expressed interest to learn and to use mobile payment services. By applying necessary plugins, payment can be transferred easier and more secure than ever. Due to the fast development, this type of commerce also supports almost all popular payment method for customers to pay bills electronically, purchase prepaid cards as mobile phone cards to solve transactions complex.

Sales of digital content on mobile devices :

Besides retail, digital content is a rich resource that firms can use with mobile commerce.
By strengthening the convenience function of mobile devices, sellers can sell the content and buyers can use anytime they want. Users pay directly for each digital content or registered users to use the service online digital content.

It can't be denied that Mobile Commerce is the very rapidly growing field in today's scenario because of unique characteristics and the outstanding advantages of M-Commerce. There are all kind of treads such as business-to-consumer, business-to- business and consumer-to-consumer in M-commerce. 

Although it shares security concerns with other technologies in the same field, M-Commerce concept has changed the way of doing business in this modern world and several major advantages of M-Commerce are clear to consumers.

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