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Mobile app synchronization

Mobile app sync is a process in which data from the Magento back-end of your website can be synchronized with your app. This is typically done by connecting the app on a mobile device to your website database via a connector(*). For example, data of the store’s products list can be fully synchronized with your app.

When an app is synchronized with your website, updates that are applied on one end will typically be updated on another. This process is referred to as the "merging" of data. For example, say a new promotion campaign (discount price) is added to your product on the website. If you have your app synced with your website, the discount price from your new promotion campaign (on the website) will be automatically and instantly synced with your app. Similarly, any updates or changes happened at the back-end of your website will be automatically transferred to the app on mobile devices.

Mobile app sync is the best useful solution to transfer your data from a website to a mobile shopping app. It helps you save time and get the exact results when transferring data.

With SimiCart, you don't need to export or import your huge data of products from and to your app! All information such as product details, catalog, taxes, shipping rate, language, currencies... is automatically synced with your Magento website through a connector (currently, simple, configurable, bundle, grouped and virtual product are supported). This method allows for best information synchronization and complete security for your site since data is not stored or connected to SimiCart or any other 3rd parties.

(*) SimiCart Connector is an extension that is installed in your Magento admin to connect with your app. It helps you synchronize data and let you configure your app easily

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