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A basic guide to Mobile Commerce for Magento merchants

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Mobile app promotion

Mobile app promotion aim to approach targeting capabilities, including demand, interest, keyword and tailored audiences to help you reach your desired audience. You can also layer on gender, geo, language and mobile platform targeting to pinpoint the users who are best suited for your app.

There are two factors of mobile app promotion process:

On Page Factors

As per our Technicians, following on-page factors are the most important ones within the app stores.

  1. App Title: Natural usage of Keywords in the title appears to be one of the most important relevant signals.
  2. App Description: Appropriate keyword usage should also be used within the app description.
  3. Keywords Data: Choose Keywords that best describe your app, and separate each keyword by a comma.

Off Page Relevance Factors

As per our Technicians, following Off page factors are the most important ones within the app stores.

  • Ratings/Reviews/Comments: User Rating is emerging as a very important element in the Ranking algorithm of App Stores. It depicts the user’s experience with the app.
  • App Speed & Size: Performance of app also plays an important role in the ranking process in terms of response times of the app, it should not be choppy and slow to respond, and the size of the app is small.
  • App Updates: What is the frequency of updates in the app? Is it continuing to create new features and optimize for new OS releases?
  • Social Mentions: What kind of buzz is the app generating in the traditional web ecosphere?
  • App age: For how long has the app existed and is the user base increasing with time?
  • Brand Trust: Is the app released by a maker, as this ensures that the app has undergone a significant QA (quality assurance) process.

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