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A basic guide to Mobile Commerce for Magento merchants

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Mobile app strategy

Mobile App Strategy is a process in which you have a plan (step by step) to get your goals (sales, app users, branding, increasing customer loyalty,...). Building a mobile app without a mobile app strategy is like going on a family vacation in the car without knowing where you’re going. You’ll end up somewhere, but you might not like it.

At Simicart, we have the best mobile solutions to help you build a mobile shopping app which is fully integrated into all facets of the business from operations, to product, to sales, to service and marketing. We know that to be successful, mobile solutions require integration of technology, business and compelling user experience.

One mistake some companies make is starting with app development and then determining everything else (strategy, goals, metrics, markets, etc.). Quickly and efficiently developing a mobile app strategy as the first step not only saves time and money, but significantly increases the likelihood of success.

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