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App Marketing

The first S of SimiCart 4S Circle: SPREAD Capture your customers all the way down the line. Everywhere they go: Facebook, Google or websites, all take them right to your app.
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App Support & Communication

The second S of SimiCart 4S Circle: SUPPORT Effortlessly win customer's heart by delivering the best services. Make all communication channels available at your customer's hand: call, text, email, live chat and more.
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App M-Commerce Features

The third S of SimiCart 4S Circle: SHOP Provide your customers fantastic shopping experiences worth shopping spree. Knock out all barriers blocking your customer's way to check out.
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App Promotion & Engagement

The final S of SimiCart 4S Circle: STAUNCHNESS Combining multimedia to match with customer favour, rich content Plug-ins enable you to grab your target audience attention and improve conversion rate. Using them now to keep your app fresh and engage more customers.
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Customer Behaviors & Insights

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Payment and Integrations

You can create an app that is fully integrated with many popular payment methods. Your customers can make purchase via safe and secure payment gateways that they feel familiar and trusted.
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App Generic Features

All basic features that an app required to attract your customers and start converting much easier.
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