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PWA Manifest Generator

Automatically generate a fully functional web app manifest along with size-optimized icons for your PWA

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manifest.json Preview
"theme_color" : "#f69435"
"background_color" : "#f69435"
"display" : "browser"
"scope" : "/"
"start_url" : "/"

Web app manifest   (i.e. manifest.json) is a JSON file that provides the necessary metadata for your Progressive Web App. With a properly-configured web app manifest, your PWA can behave more similarly to a native app — installable to home screen, and capable of smooth splash screen transitions.

Configuring your web app manifest typically means describing how your PWA will look like on the user’s home screen, as well as how it’ll look when the user first launches your app. Additionally, behavior of the browser UI (whether it’ll be visible or hidden) is also configurable.

Web app manifest is fully supported in Chrome, Edge, Android Browser, Chrome for Android, Firefox for Android, and Samsung Internet. It is partially supported in Safari.