Magento PWA Storefront Development

Implement a headless Progressive Web App (PWA) storefront for your Magento website to deliver the best shopping experience on the move

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What we can do

1. Turn your Magento frontend into headless PWA

Replace your currently slow and dull Magento 2 frontend with a fast and smooth PWA to boost your conversion rates.

2. Customize your existing Magento PWA

In case you already have a Magento PWA, we can also customize it to your requirements.

3. Build a new headless PWA website

What if you do not have a website in the first place? We will build you a brand new headless Magento 2 PWA website, which is much faster than the normal site

Limited Offer: FREE MAGENTO 2 MIGRATION from Magento 1 or other platforms if you do a Magento PWA project with SimiCart

What you will get

A lightning-fast and beautiful storefront for your Magento 2 website, powered by headless PWA.

The PWA will work with the current extensions on your site, and also will be very easy to integrate with other Magento 2 extensions that you may install in the future, especially when most extensions now support API and GraphQL.

Our Magento PWA aims to be stable and easy to maintain, so you don't need to worry about future Magento version upgrades or rely on SimiCart to do every tasks.

magento 2 pwa

Responsive frontend

Your Magento PWA site is responsive across phone, tablet and desktop screen sizes

Lightning fast

Speed means conversions. PWA can boose your site speeds from 2x - 4x. Also, Google reports up to +110% in conversions after setting up PWA frontend 

Great app-like UX

Let customers fall in love the moment they land in your site. Smooth transitions, granular loading - truly app-like experience right in your Magento website browser

Add icon to home screen

Prompt users to add your Magento PWA website’s icon to their mobile home screen, just like a native mobile app

Push notification

Keep your customers stay attached to your Magento PWA site by sending personalized news, offers & deals right to their phone screen

Work even when offline

Bad internet can no longer stop your customers from finding their favorite products. PWA makes it easy to browse anywhere. 
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Publish your mobile PWA to app stores

Now you can turn your Magento PWA mobile site into publishable apps on iOS & Androids

Save up a big cost of building a separate native mobile app


Less effort
With a native app, you need to re-publish every time a change is made. Not anymore with PWA app


PWA page building made easy

Effortlessly drag and drop your pages with - our specially made page builder for Magento PWA
tapita page builder

Simply choose from our 40+ pre-built templates or drag and drop page elements to build your desired layout.

  • Ready-made templates: 40+ beautiful PWA templates for you to choose from so you don't need to build your pages from scratch.
  • Codeless: Effortlessly create your Magento website in minutes.
  • Easy preview & publish: Preview your changes before they go live and Publish changes to live environment with one click. No coding knowledge required.
  • Instant changes: All changes are reflected instantly when you preview. No "clear cache" needed.

(This page is a Magento PWA itself, which was built using Tapita Page Builder)

Explore Tapita Page Builder

40+ pre-built PWA templates

Beauty ThemeBikes ThemeFashion ThemeFurniture ThemeGaming ThemeTechnology Theme
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Mobile-first approach

Mobile online experience is designed and developed first to maximize your Magento website for sales in the m-commerce era. Focus on where most of your customers are and also follow Google mobile-first indexing update. 

Latest technology

No need to worry about being left behind. Always up-to-date with the latest stable versions of Magento and PWA Studio

A-to-Z services

From business consultation to Magento 2 migration & maintenance, we take care of the whole process from start to finish. Only you need to do is sit back and see results.

Optimized for SEO

Our Magento PWA comes with Google Rich Snippet (Structured Data) and Ecommerce Reports for GA4 out-of-the-box. Get your page ready to be found on Google & get actionable data collected automatically whenever you need it. 

Compatible with popular Magento 2 extensions

Love your extensions & do not want to replace them after implementing PWA?
That won't be the problem
We have been working with our partners to make their most popular Magento extensions work out-of-the-box with SimiCart's Magento PWA.

Save cost

Reduce development time

Priority extension support

Easier to update

Automatic Related Products
Better Blog
Call for Price
Daily Deals
Delivery Time
Free Gifts
Frequently Bought Together
Gift Card
Product Alerts
Product Labels
Reward Points
Share Cart
Shop By Brand
Size Chart
Store Credit
Store Locator
Mega Menu
Social Login
SEO Suite Ultimate

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