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How to publish your app to Apple App Store?

To meet the current popular demand, in this tutorial below we will be showing you step by step on how to publish your app to Apple App Store.

Before we start, there are a few preparations that you need to do:

Make sure you have carried out sufficient testing of your app, including on physical mobile devices before you attempt to deploy it.
Once you have a build you are happy to deploy, import it into Xcode.

xcode archives

Select Automatically Manage Signing and click Next.

archive signing

In the next screen, check Generate an iOS Distribution Certificate – this functions as a digital signature that gives you the rights to distribute your app. Xcode will generate a private key for your certificate – you can keep this in your keychain to access it when you need it, but should also store it somewhere else that you will be able to access it in a safe external location. Click Next.

xcode ipa

If you don’t encounter any errors you will see the app review screen, which means you’re ready to validate before uploading the app to App Store Connect – click Validate.

Possible Errors

You may encounter a variety of errors at this stage. If you see an error regarding your Bundle identifier, verify that you have included the correct ID in your App Store Connect account. There are many other possible errors including several related to Xcode and iOS versions – you may need to do some troubleshooting to identify the source (i.e. Google the error message).

Upload your App

Once your app has successfully validated, you are ready to upload it to the App store submit xcode

Choose Upload and click Next
xcode app upload

Some of the screens will look the same as those you navigated through earlier during the validation phase – just keep clicking through them.
distribution options

When you reach the review screen, click Upload.

app upload xcode

If there are no errors your app will be uploaded.

app uploaded

Again, you may receive errors that you need to troubleshoot at this stage – there are lots of helpful resources online, as these errors are a very common part of the App Store submission process.

Complete your App Submission

Back in your App Store Connect account, navigate to My Apps, choose your app, and select the Activity tab. You should see your build listed as Processing.

appstore connect processing

Apple will process your app in the background – this can typically take up to an hour. When it’s complete you’ll see the status change when you reload the page. In the meantime, you can complete your submission details.

In the App Store tab, select 1.0 Prepare for Submission. Enter as much detail as you can, including text and screenshots – this will make your app more likely to be approved.

submission icons

Once your app is finished processing you can attach it to your submission. Click Select a build before you submit your app.

submission build

Select your build and click Done.

select build

When your submission details are complete, click Save and Submit for Review.

submit for review

You may encounter errors here related to missed information such as categories, pricing tier, and so on – you should see links to help you fill out the missing info.

submission errors

Once you’ve addressed any errors click Save and Submit for Review again.

When your submission is complete you will see its status change to Waiting for Review.

submission waiting

If your app is approved, you can go ahead and set it live in the App Store from App Store Connect.

If your app is declined, Apple will send you details of the reason – resubmissions are then recommended once necssary adjustments have been made.

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