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A basic guide to Mobile Commerce for Magento merchants

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Magento mobile site

Magento Mobile Site is a necessary Magento theme which allows you to install into your Magento App store, and set up the configuration on color, layout and so on to fit with your current theme. Especially, whenever a shopper browses your website via mobile devices, the mobile system automatically detects and switch to the mobile layout. Then you have a perfect mobile website and users can go shopping and payment via their mobile interface. This site can work well for all of the mobile devices such as: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and many others. It will give your visitors a beautiful interface to your Magento store. Moreover, Magento mobile site is integrated lot of functions includes:

  • Ability to detects and work with smartphone automatically
  • Easy to change design and layout, logo
  • Resolution independence

There are many solutions for shop owners to optimize their websites so that it is multi-browser compatibility and fits within various sizes of mobile screen, including responsive design and app. Among them, Magento mobile site is one of the most balancing solutions for simplicity and optimization. If you already have a Magento site and want to provide support for mobile browsing, using a Magento mobile site is an easier and faster solution for you.

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