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Magento mobile notification

Magento push notification feature allows store owners or developers to send notification messages to all customers that have their Magento mobile app installed on mobile devices, even if the application is not currently turned on.

It can be useful if store owners want to send some kind of marketing messages, or some other messages to our app users to draw attention to some new product at the store, and so on. The Magento push notifications feature for Magento Mobile is an extra service provided by a third-party extension. It is an optional feature with additional costs for store owners, and certainly can bring some benefits to our sales marketing.

SimiCart can significantly market any store. Whenever there is news from a store, it will send customers Push Notifications so as to keep them updated all the time. In our extension we can send push notifications for example when we want to send some kind of critical messages and coming a new product. 

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