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A basic guide to Mobile Commerce for Magento merchants

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Magento Mobile Extension

Magento mobile extension allows you for synchronization between your online store and native mobile app without any knowledge of programming and much costs involved.

This extension syncs your Magento store with your shopping apps so that no changes to Product category, Catalogue updates, Orders and Customer profiles on your website are reflected seamlessly onto your shopping app. 

                                     Magento Mobile Extension

Magento mobile extension - The best solution for mobile commerce

Magento Mobile Extensions are simply a great way of adding new features and functionality to your Magento website. There are various cool Magento mobile extensions, they are classified into 3 main categories:

1.Magento Core Extensions

They are open source Magento mobile extensions which is created and developed by Magento Core team. Magento Core Extensions are released under an OSL 1.0 license and distributed for download through PEAR.

2. Magento Community Extensions

These, too, are open source Magento mobile extensions but created by Magento Community members instead. They are released under an open source license and distributed for download through PEAR.

3. Magento Commercial Extensions

Magento Commercial extensions are custom extensions which are contributed and offered for sale by Magento community members.You can find that some Magento Commercial extensions are open source and some are not.

Another thing to note: sale, distribution and licensing of these Magento mobile extensions are managed by the seller and is not supervised by Magento in anyway.

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