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Magento mobile app submission checklist

Please use this checklist to make sure you have completed all the necessary tasks before submitting your app to Magento.
Things to do before submitting your app to Magento

  1. Update your extension with the latest source code from:                                                   Scroll down until you can download the appropriate version of Magento Mobile.
  2. If you created an application with an older version (before October 15), once the extension is up to date:
    • Copy all the images from media/xmlconnect directory to media/xmlconnect/original directory
    • Make the folder permission of media/xmlconnect/original and media/xmlconnect/custom as 777 or they can run the shell command as ===> chmod 777 -R media/xmlconnect
  3. Create a Separate Store View (via the Admin Panel) - In order for your app to pull in different information than your website, a new store view must be created and then associated to your application. Navigate to the System tab > Manage Stores > on the right hand side click “Create Store View”. This way, changing something on your webpage will not affect the application, and vice versa. (This also makes it easier to track orders via the application or the website.)
  4. Update all Category Thumbnail Images (via the Admin Panel) - Navigate to the Catalog tab where you can “Manage Categories”. Then select one of your top level categories on the left. The third option down is thumbnail image where you upload an 80x80px image that will show up in your mobile app for that category.
  5. Update the App’s Copyright Information (via the Admin Panel) - Navigate to the System tab > Configuration > on the left hand side click the Design Tab > under Footer > Copyright. Please place the copyright information you would like to use within the App.
  6. Short description vs. description (via the Admin Panel) - Please make sure to update both fields. Short descriptions are shown on the Product Information Page and should be a brief explanation of the product. The full description should include everything you need to know about the product. Navigate to the Catalog tab > Manage Products > click on a product to fill out both description fields.
  7. Check the Color Configuration Reference Guide - use this as a guideline to assist you in making your App visually appealing.

Source: Magento Connect

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