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Magento mobile loyalty program

Magento loyalty program is a feature which allows store owners to create a unique loyalty campaign in their stores. Customers can earn reward points for orders when they purchase and then spend them on new orders. Customers can refer their friends and receive points for orders of their friends and/or completion of certain actions (e.g. reviews, likes on social media, sign up for newsletters, etc). Magento Loyalty Programs have a huge positive impact on emotions and provide customers with a positive shopping experience, which helps spread the word about the brand and attract new clients to the store at a low cost. Benefits of implementing a loyalty program on your Magento app are many – from enhancing your sales to keeping your customers satisfied.

Magento Loyalty Program enables you to:

  • Provide discounts based on the total spending for a certain period of time, with the period being calculated from the date of a specific purchase: Customers will choose you over the competition in order to be eligible for a higher accrual discount;

  • Provide discounts based on customers' membership duration: This will help strengthen an emotional bond with your customer and create a valuable offer at the same time;

  • Provide discounts based on purchase volume: Your customers will be motivated to place larger orders;

  • Apply surcharges – either percentages or fixed amount – based on different criteria;

This program will easily help you to convert your visitors into loyal and profitable customers who will become your brand advocates in a short period of time, bringing you more and more potential customers.

With SimiCart, Reward Points feature will help you strengthen customer loyalty, build strong relationships with your customers to boost sales and customer satisfaction in your Magento mobile app. This plugin is designed to maximize customer engagement for your mobile app through many useful features.

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