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Ten years building native mobile apps for Magento 1 & 2, we know too well the problems and the needs that you have before, during and after developing a mobile app. Let us help you!

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from $299

App source code included

Our Magento 2 Mobile App is 100% open source. You can get full source code of your iOS & Android apps to freely customize and make it your own

Free app publish for iOS & Android

We will help you publish your iOS/Android app to App Store/Google Play under your own account (or SimiCart account if you want)

Free 3-month support 

You get a minimum of 3 months free support after the completion of the mobile app development, to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible

Trusted mobile app creator for various industries

From fashion, electronics to grocery, stores, we have created beautiful & well-praised mobile apps for wordlwide Magento merchants across industries.

SimiCart customers' apps

Deliver the right message to the right people at the right time

In an emotionless online world, winning is all about making connections. One of the most effective way is pushing relevant messages to your customers' personal device.

Personalized messages

Create personalized messages to your customers based on their location, interests, and activities they did in your. By doing this way, you can always keep your customer coming back to your mobile app for more orders.

Automated push notifications

Set conditions to trigger notifications based on your customers' actions and characteristics & lead them back to your app. Nurture relationships with your customers in a non-intrusive & thoughtful ways

push notifications


Help customers to easily find your products

Nothing is worse than offering awesome products but not able to sell just because customers cannot find them. Our modern mobile app for Magento 2 uses the latest eCommerce technologies to provide multiple ways for your customers to search for products.

QR code scanner

Magento QR/Barcode Scanner

Customers can scan products' QR codes/Barcodes to go directly to product detail page in app

Voice Search

Save your customer's time by not having them type. They can just speak to search for the products that they need.

Image Search

Sometimes customers don't know the name of the product that they are looking at. SimiCart mobile app for Magento 2 let them scan the product with their phone camera and get its information


Provide a seamless path to checkout

Increase conversion rates by making the checkout flow as smooth as possible

Checkout fields management

In your Magento 2 Mobile App Builder dashboard, simply control which fields you want to show during checkout to get rid of unnecessary steps and minimize cart abandonment

A wide range of supported payments

Our Magento 2 Mobile App offers customers various choices of payment options to choose from. Whatever payment option we do not have out-of-the-box, we can integrate it with our app for you. 

app checkout

Serve users from different countries

Don't let geographic barriers prevent your customers from using your mobile app. Offer languages and currencies that your customers are using and ship products no matter where they are with the help of popular shipping providers.

multi language


Let users switch to their most familiar language and currency. We support all languages, including RTL (right-to-left).

Multiple shipping providers

Choose from a wide range of shipping providers that you are comfortable with like DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.

RTL language support

We have had hundreds of clients from MENA countries, thus, are familiar with developing Magento 2 mobile apps with RTL (right-to-left) language support. Businesses using RTL language can operate the app at ease & take advantage of an optimized UI.


A mobile app for Magento 2 that focuses on user experience

According to a research by Google, 73% of users will switch from a poorly designed mobile experience to an alternative one that make shopping easier. Our app design is tested based on the most successful eCommerce apps so that your Magento mobile store will look as professional & engaging as that of the top brands. 

Flexible home layouts

Take full control of your home screen design with 3 choices of themes that are suitable for a variety of industries. You can easily adjust banner & text layouts in the mobile app builder dashboard. Moreover, each theme is flexible enough to be configured as multiple sub-theme designs.

Design service available

Based on your business description and ideas, our experienced designers will deliver beautiful and interactive prototypes that are ready to be turned into functional mobile apps.

app themes


Get customers to download your eCommerce mobile app

Before you want customers to use your app to shop and purchase, they need to know such an app exists! Don't worry, we've got you covered.

smart banner

Make your app be available on Google search

Let your app be indexed by Google, thus, it will show up on search results. From there, your customers can download it directly

Smart Banner on mobile site

Get your frequent website visitors to install your app by adding a download prompt when they access your Magento site on mobile browser.

Ready-to-use mobile app promotion assets

We have a rich archive of promotional assets such as pre-designed social banners & landing page layouts. You can use this to spread the word about your new mobile app in multiple channels without much effort. 


Explore our customers & their Magento mobile app

Arabian Oud

The world-largest fragrance manufacturer & retailer that focuses on incense & perfumes.

Arabian Oud Magento mobile app

With a new Magento 2 Mobile App, Arabia Oud succeeded in reaching more customers, especially enthusiastic mobile shoppers across Mena countries. The app supports English & Arabic, which lets users shop enjoyably in their preferred language. Also store locators help create a smooth buying journey between online app & offline store. 

Zona Cerealista

A retailer in Brazil that sells organic food, supplements & more

Zona Cerealista magento mobile a

Grain-based products are the staple food for people in many countries, and they are even more important to those following a healthy lifestyle. The Zona Cerealista Magento 2 Mobile App helps people in Brazil find & buy organic cereal products without hassle, meanwhile, its owner can easily nurture relationship with their loyal customer base.


An eCommerce company selling disposable products like plastic containers, gift wraps, etc

Temoorst Magento mobile app

Like many modern MENA mobile app, Termoost's Magento 2 app has two language portals for English & Arabian speakers while embracing a clean, minimalist layout. A custom tracking order is included to help customers manage their orders easily. 

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