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SimiCart terminology 101 - Connectors

1. What are SimiCart Connectors?

There are 2 kinds of connectors: SimiCart core and Plugin connectors. SimiCart core connector is an extension that is installed in your Magento admin to connect your app with your Magento web store. Plugin connectors let you install SimiCart plugins for extra app features.

SimiCart Connectors

2.  Why we need it?

The connectors help synchronize data and lets you configure your app easily. They make sure your app is fully integrated with your Magento web store.

The connectors have lots of features, including:

  • Automatically import product catalogs

  • Auto-integrate Magento default features, like prices, taxes and shipping details.

  • Enable app configurations in Magento backend, like banners, CMS pages and push notifications.

This means that your app will always be up to date and customers won’t be seeing conflicting information across devices!

The connectors also make connections with SimiCart extensions (or ‘plugins’) to let you add more features to your app.

List of Plugins that have connectors:

  • Reward Points

  • Matrix Theme

  • Fashion Theme

  • App Analytics

  • Instant Contact

  • Facebook Connect

  • Wishlist

  • QR Barcode Scanner

  • Checkout Information Management

  • CC Avenue

  • iPAY88

  • Paypal Mobile

  • PayPal Express

3. How to install connectors?

To install SimiCart core connector, follow this detailed guide:

If you are familiar with installing extensions for Magento sites, then you can see that connector installation is almost the same.

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