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SimiCart terminology 101 - Website Base URL

1. What is Website Base URL?

Your website base URL is very similar to your website’s URL that customers enter into their browser to go to your website. Once you input the right Base URL into the Base URL section, you can move to the next page and build your own app.

This website base URL will decide which web-store that your app will be connected to and thanks to the connector, the data from your website will be synchronized with your mobile shopping app and vice versa.

Thus, each account will only has 1 website URL base and with one license, you can only have 1 magento mobile app that is built for 1 website base URL. 

Website URL

2. Why we need it?

SimiCart uses your website URL to find and connect with your website, so your app and Magento webstore will be fully integrated.

3. How to get Website Base URL?

It must be taken from your Magento backend. In your admin panel, go to System - Configuration - Web. You will see your website base URL on this page.

Base URL

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