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SimiCart terminology 101 - Splash screen image


1. What is splash screen in Magento mobile app?

Your splash screen image is the image that will be shown when your app is launching, and when new data is being loaded. This is the first image your app users will see when they open your app, and they will probably see it briefly throughout their browsing experience, so make sure it’s eye-catching!

2. How to create a Splash Screen for your mobile app?

It must be a ".png" format. Its size should be 512px x 512px (Width x Height). Commonly, it’s your logo with a white background. However, If you want to do one better, you can experiment with using your image for advertising purposes and to highlight different products.

Giaytot Splash Screen

Make sure your splash screen image and splash screen background are contrasting colours: If your background is dark, your image should be light to ensure it can be clearly seen, and vice versa.

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