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SimiCart Terminology 101 - Logo

1. Logo of a Magento Mobile App

Your logo is the logo of your business, which will be displayed at the top of the home page and when the app is loading an image. This image is what customers first think of when someone mentions your brand, so it is important your logo stands out.

Tips for designing an eye-catching logo:

  • Make sure your logo is simple, memorable and doesn’t look too similar to any other logos. The best logos may not even need any text - just the image alone is enough to stand out in customers’ minds.

Zandle Logo

  • Choose logo colours with your theme colour and splash screen background in mind. You want your app to have complementary colours, so the whole app looks totally integrated.

  • Stick to no more than 3 colours, otherwise your logo can look messy and complicated.

Cassandra Logo

You can see in the above screenshot, Cassandra has designed a simple logo using only the colours green, white and grey. They use these colours throughout their whole app.

2. What is Logo used for?

Uploading a logo is just another way for you to make the app look your own. You can customise the look and feel of your logo so customers are seeing the best image of your brand when they use your app.

App Logo

3. How to create an exact logo for Magento Mobile app?

It must be a ".png" file with a non-transparent background. Its size should be 480px x 80px (width x height) for the clearest image.

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