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A basic guide to Mobile Commerce for Magento merchants

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Magento mobile shopping apps advantages

When your small business is deciding whether to invest in purchasing, customizing, or developing a mobile shopping app, your current business approach, your call-to-actions, your competitors, and your team's mobility are all part of the criteria. Here's a look at several ways your company and its customers might benefit from a mobile shopping app.

1. Work offline

You are also able to access and collect your data whilst offline. The mobile shopping apps automatically synchronize data in the background and stores it on the device, so that users can access data in the app even without connectivity. Captured data is also stored in the cloud so that no data is ever lost.

2. Reduce problem solving time

An issue in the field can take a long time to resolve if the right support isn’t available, this in turn can cause costly delays, e.g confusion with project plans & measurements. Having real time communication and data availability can assist experts in providing guidance to remote field workers, dramatically decreasing issue resolution time.

3. Custom branding

Your mobile shopping app can be customised to suit your unique requirements whilst being consistent with your business branding. Your company name, logo and the processes can be molded into a unique app which fits your business needs.

It’s important that your employees know that the app is unique to your business as this adds excitement. The influence of employee word-of-mouth marketing is undeniable. When employees talk about their businesses brand, they make the brand more human which adds a level of trust. A recognised and trusted brand identity makes people confident that the organisation is dependable.

4. Fast and easy to use

Mobile shopping apps are very simple to use plus the devices are small, light and easily transported. There is no need to carry around big old bulky devices or a clipboard, pen and paper which can be easily lost, when this technology is available. To progress in their industry everyone should be looking at adapting to change and using the most up to date technology.

6. Instant enrollment

Enrollment for users is simple and fast with a mobile app for shopping. Users can enroll to the app by scanning a barcode or receiving an enrollment link via SMS.

These are just a few of the benefits of having a enterprise app and reasons why businesses should look at investing in getting one. The key point to remember is that mobile business apps will increase employee productivity regardless of time or location.

All these are valid reasons for investing in a mobile shopping app. When you start to look at mobile as an opportunity to create better solutions for your customers (and for your business), then you are on the right track.

Does your small business have a mobile app (or apps)? If so, how has it benefited your business and its customers? If you haven't committed to a mobile strategy, what's holding you back? Do you feel left behind.

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