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SimiCart Terminology 101- App Name

1. It’s not just a name of a Magento Mobile App

What’s in a name? Everything, as it turns out! The name (and icon) is your app’s first impression on users, and can make the difference between a customer purchasing or overlooking your app. Your mobile shopping app name will appear in app marketplaces (Apple App Store and Google Play Store) and after that, right in the mobile devices of your customers. In other words, it’s an important element of your mobile strategy.

App Name

An app name example. (Source: Apple)

2. Brand ambassador called App Name

Your app isn’t just another sales channel - It’s your brand ambassador and a key marketing tool. A popular choice among merchants is to simply copy the brand name or store name. This is a good strategy to strengthen brand identity and recognition, but you can do better!

Using SEO (search engine optimization) and ASO (app store optimization) principles, you can make sure your app name will get you noticed by using keywords for your industry. If your app appears in the top 5 first results, it will get more attention and downloads.

Make sure the name is not already being used by doing a quick search. You don’t want your magento mobile app to get lost like in the ‘calculator’ example below!

Calculator example

Consider putting a short phrase or tagline (3-4 words) next to the name to clarify the business, industry or function of the app. For example: H&M- Fashion Stores.

3. Is there any limitation for App Name length?

Apple App Store limits the length of app name to 50 characters, while on Google Play Store, your app name can only be 30 characters in length. Be wary though, if your app name is “Jimsbestevergardeninguppliesforallyourgardeningneeds” customers won’t be able to read all of it in search. In app marketplaces, the name will be displayed in short as “Jimsbeste..ds”. Typically, 12 characters in length (including any spaces) will fit without a problem.

If you want to add more characters, just add a small tag line that contains keywords you want to improve your SEO and ASO. You can use this free tool to search which keywords are getting the most traffic:  

For example:

  • Polyvore - Personalised fashion just for you

  • Fashion Design World

  • Witchery - Classic fashion for the modern woman

Now you know how an app name can add some “magic” to your app. Let it rock on by starting your first step with SimiCart at:

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