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SimiCart Terminology 101 - Language

1. Multi-language in Magento Mobile App

Just like your Magento webstore, your app can be built to support all your global customers. You want your app users to be able to navigate your app and read product information easily, so SimiCart language support lets you do this.

One of SimiCart’s greatest features is multi-language support, which means your app can be translated into any language. Customers can even choose their preferred language within your app, via the left side menu.

App Language

We currently offer translation files for 16 languages. Don’t worry If your language is not offered - you can just upload a CSV translation file for the language of your choice. Even better, if you don’t want to upload a language file, you can translate in-line. This means you can translate word for word on the build app page.

2. How to change language in SimiCart Dashboard

Please read this guide for detailed steps and pictures on how to select your app’s language:

Language Config

3. Languages Translations by SimiCart

SimiCart supports all languages. Translation files for 16 of the most common languages are provided free: English, Italian, German, Romanian, Norwegian, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Thai, Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Indian.

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