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A basic guide to Mobile Commerce for Magento merchants

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Magento application development

Mobile users today spend most of their time on handy devices where they can call, message, check email, chat, socialize, pay bills, and even shop online. Thus, developing a Magento mobile application of your webstore can bring a plenty of benefits to your business. It helps encourage customer loyalty and strengthen ties with your customers by building dynamic online communities. Apps place a logo in the application list screen, giving visibility on a daily basis to increase customer return rate. Besides, you can offer exclusive deals, coupons, and discounts exclusively to app users, as well as announce sales or new products and services via push notifications. Since your app must be reviewed by App store for approval, your customers will feel more secure to enjoy mobile shopping.

SimiCart provides Magento Application Development Service which helps turn your E-commerce store into a M-commerce application in the fastest and easiest way! In other words, we will help you build a Magento mobile application for your webstore.

About our Magento Application Development

  1. Build native apps for 2 most popular platforms: Magento iPhone app builder, Magento Android app builder without techinical skill
    SimiCart helps online merchants create Mobile Shopping App automatically for both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (phones and tablets), iOS (iPhone, iPad). Native app is faster in performance, higher in reliablity, and better in utilizing mobile technology than responsive theme, mobile site or web app
  2. Specially designed for and synced with Magento stores
    All information such as product details, catalog, taxes, shipping rate, language, currencies... are automatically synced with your Magento website through a connector without importing/exporting your huge product data
  3. Provides mobile user-friendly interface with powerful marketing features and wide range of payment gateways
    Besides default features, SimiCart also has plugin system that can help you to customize the app as you wish. At this time, we have 9 plug-ins and some of them are even FREE.
    • Payment : Paypal,, 2Checkout, CCAvenue, iPay88...
    • Rich content : Store Locator, Reward Points, Instant Contact, Pushing Notification,...
    • Themes: Matrix Theme, Fashion one
    • User experience: Instant Contact, Checkout info management, Address Autofill, Facebook Connect...
  4. Allows customize mobile application with plugins
    Simple or complex app, just make your own by paying for plugins you prefer. Besides, you can have apps of your language by translating or using our translations (16 popular languages have been translated).

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