• Fathhi Mohamed

    Fathhi Mohamed



    Located: Colombo - 04 - Sri Lanka

    July 2015

    Meet Mr. Fatthi Mohamed in Hanoi (Video Interview)

    "SimiCart is quite mature product and it works with our customization. I like everything of SimiCart. It's dedicated, customer focus and technically capable..." Mr. Fathhi, CEO at Marvel Commerce, A Magento development company said about SimiCartSee more
  • Muhammad Shawaiz

    Muhammad Shawaiz

    Ecommerce Manager


    Located: West Yorkshirek- UK

    June 2015

    How the UK’s leading South Asian fashion retailer became one of SimiCart’s first customers

    "...Janan has become one of our first customers. This was also a special decision for Janan, as they started their first web store in September 2013, only 1 month prior to the app’s birth. So why Janan want to make an app at that time, why they choose SimiCart and how it all turns out for now, let’s hear the story from Mr. Shawaiz, the e-Commerce Manager of Janan..."Read more
  • Roman Bondarenko

    Roman Bondarenko

    Director of Ecommerce


    Located: New York- USA

    Mar 2015

    How a 20 year old brick-and-mortar store in Brooklyn goes mobile

    "...the hardest part was to set everything up correctly and publish the app to both marketplaces (Apple and Google).The customer support of SimiCart worked very hard on helping me in a timely manner. I’d like to mention David, who was very responsible..."Read more
  • Fadi B.D

    Fadi B.D

    CEO and founder


    Located: United Arab Emirates

    Feb 2015

    See how SimiCart helps an UAE houseware web store

    "To be honest, there are things need to be improved, but I am quite satisfied. I find it very easy to build, upload to app store and manage it. With 120 downloads in a few days of releasing without any advertisements, I think it’s very good sign to continue with SimiCart."Read more
  • Mobile Commerce - Law

    Marcos Villares Law

    Managing Director- Owner


    Located: Australia

    Jan 2015

    How SimiCart helps Wedeliver fasten their business growth

    "We know that there are a lot of mobile commerce solutions provided by various companies in the market. We did contact to them, however, some of them are so costly, other are quite complicated for us to build an app. Fortunately, I found SimiCart by chance when I was web- surfing."Read more
  • Mobile Commerce - Quang Bui

    Quang Bui

    Sales Manager of Giaytot


    Located: Vietnam

    Dec 2014

    How a shoes store caught the mobile trend with SimiCart

    When being asked about why he decied to choose SimiCart, Mr. Bui shared: “The most important factor that made us choose SimiCart is that it’s the very easy way to have the app. You know, we don’t have developers and have just a little technical knowledge. SimiCart is the simple and safe solution requiring the least investment cost”Read more
  • Alexander Heaton

    Alexander Heaton

    CEO of Go Liquid


    Located: United Kingdom

    Nov 2014

    A simple way to shop on the go

    Mobile shopping is becoming more popular by the day and we had received feedback from our customers asking for a more compatible method of shopping on the go. That is why we decided to build a mobile app for our storeRead more

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